Twitter and Richard Armitage — A Year or So Later

I was looking at the landscape on Twitter this morning and thought back to how it looked a little more than a year ago. Many Richard Armitage fans were not on Twitter at that time, and now there is a plethora by comparison. My curious gene is wondering how you all are liking it for intel and not just about Richard Armitage and also if you have realized I wasn’t lying when I said it won’t lower your IQ.

By the way, I will be making a post this weekend about how to filter tweets. This will be in time for the group discussion of Sunne in Splendour on Sunday. Not that everyone shouldn’t want to read and discuss it! :D But realistically, not everyone has time nor wants to read our tweets on the matter. So I’ll come with some tips.

In the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts about Twitter.

If you want to read more of my thoughts on Twitter, they’re found either by hitting the ‘twitter’ tag or you can go to the pieces of any great note here and here and maybe here.

For those of you not on Twitter yet, what are you waiting for? It’s free, and it could blow your mind with its power.

And no, our guy is still not on Twitter — at least that he’s made himself known. Doesn’t matter; it’s still a great tool.


  1. Love twitter!!!! After armitage army website twitter was the place to meet and greet fellow RA fans. Majority of the people I follow on twitter are RA fans actually, that’s probably why I find it a great place for info related to him. If I’ve not been on for long all I have to do is ask “Anything new regarding RA?” and someone will definitely update me :) Or search #richardarmitage and anything with him will come up. It’s very useful.
    Not to mention when something new does happen regarding him my twitter feed blows up, and RA fans go into a whole new level of craziness, happiness, fangirly-ness and of course, awesomeness. There’s at least a few that go into the *thud* zone; swooning and fainting here and there (including myself).
    So really, it’s a great place to be :D

  2. I don’t like Twitter at all.

    None of y’all should use it. What a waste of time!


    (har-dee-har-har-har!!!! And if you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you …………..

    …..yes, I’m on pain killers this afternoon. Can you tell? :-D

  3. I completely agree that there is much more activity on Twitter now compared to a year ago, and if you go back 2 years to when I joined, the difference is even more striking. There’s lots of RA fans on there now and it’s easy to find them, just tweet something about him and people will follow you sure enough ( if that’s what you want of course). It’s a lot of fun too.

  4. What I find is that people join Twitter, try it for a few days, but find it odd, abandon it for a while, come back and get hooked! It takes a litle getting used to, as it’s very fast-paced, but it’s a great source of info and there’s always someone to chat with.
    The non-RA related topics can vary and are usually very interesting, unless some people (you know who you are…) insist on retweeting a plethora of American politics tweets. We get it, you’re a passionate republican/democrat, but a big % of your tweets will show up on the timeline of a non-US citizen who really don’t care.
    Everything is cool in moderation, so don’t litter the timeline ;)

  5. I’m confused by it. Need tutorial. Don’t have time for turtorial. Let me rephrase. Choose to not bump something else to make room for tutorial.

  6. @agzym I understand what you’re saying about American politics overcoming the Twitter timeline. I will tell you that I deliberately chose to use the RA subject as my primary “tweeting subject,” because if I get into the politics, I attract too much stress into my life.

    On the other hand, sometimes I really do get sucked into the political tweeting. I am not sure that people in other countries truly get what’s going on over here with politics right now. I have never seen our country so divided. I’m quite serious when I say that sometimes on Twitter, the emotions reveal we could be on the brink of another civil war. Some may scoff at me for that opinion, but we are THAT divided. The anger between people is so tangible that it would be like easily slicing a burned steak on the grill with a butter knife.

    So having said that, there are times when I see things tweeted that I just cannot ignore, and I have to respond. My personality is such that I need to express it and dissect it and whittle it down and spit it back out …. which can in turn lead to that excessive tweeting of which you speak.

    I’m hoping that after our November election, our country can get back to the business of being unified again. But I just don’t know. I think people get onto Twitter to vent about this whole thing BECAUSE it is THAT INFURIATING.

    Haha, see the capital letters? Those are “cyber yelling” letters, and it is an iceberg tip of the emotion under the surface.

    In the meantime, please forgive us if we go overboard on the politics. I’m trying hard to keep my life light and stress free and happy by chatting with wonderful women globally about a guy who brings some artistic joy into the world.

    But sometimes, I have to tell you, RA just has to sit on the shelf and wait his turn while I let off a little Democratic steam. :-)

  7. I like it mostly as a means of talking to people (esp blog readers) who wouldn’t be in touch otherwise. They don’t want to comment but will leave 140 chars. That’s cool. Still can’t see being logged into it all the time as some are.

  8. Just when I thought Twitter could be useful for me ie. TSiS group read, I’m locked out and can’t send or receive tweets. No time at the present to go searching for a solution. *sigh* at least I’ve read the first five chapters!

  9. Mezz, you can maybe participate on FB this week till you get the Twitter situation straightened out? I’m also going to have a post on my blog this afternoon.

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