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Joanna Scarratt of United Agents commemorated her 100th post today, and while I was reading her short history of the medium, it was hard not to compare it with the proliferation of Richard Armitage blogs. In 2008 when I first started reading anything RA related on the web, there were some LiveJournals and Luvdembrooders, which was already defunct. It wasn’t until Summer 2009 that two other blogs emerged which kicked RA blogging into high gear. They were having such a fun time that it was inspiring, but it was the first FanstRAvaganza event in March 2010 that really put the fire under me. Less than a month later, this blog was born.

I created the ‘Addict List’ a couple of days later, and listed a little over ten blogs either dedicated to Richard Armitage or routinely featuring him as a subject. Since then it’s grown to 78 with the most recent one created a few days ago (and I’m not even counting the ‘Places to Get a Fix’ which also includes some blogs. phew!).

If this were Brad Pitt, then I would understand the numbers. But a still mostly unknown actor generating this much attention? Wow. That says something significant for Richard Armitage, or maybe I’m unaware of how many sites there are for other fairly unknown entertainers. Whatever the case, the idea of an advancing army comes to mind. LOL!

Next week the third annual FanstRAvaganza begins and boasting 33 participants from its original seven. I’m sure the experience will increase RA Universe by several more bloggers, and at this rate, we will overtake not only the Brad Pitt bloggers but the big Kahuna — the Jane Austen blogosphere — in a few years. ;-)


  1. The RA blog/fan world is all encompassing. There is something for everyone and I am sure that I am still not aware of all that is out there. I can only imagine how much more it will expand once the release of TH. I am not complaining. But for someone who is not as well known accross the pond as say a Brad Pitt, RA has one impressive fanbase.

    I cannot wait for next week and FanstRAaganza. It will be exciting to see what the bloggers are planning.

    BTW, I love your diaries. Are there more????

  2. Thanks, Gracie. Yes, I have more. They’re just a bitch to edit. Gotta protect the guilty. :D

  3. The strengh of the whole RA Universe are the people who inhabit it! When I was first bitten by the N&S bug and started persusing the different blogs, it was lovely to come across such a community of witty, creative and freindly people. This is what made me take the leap.
    At first I was so shy about commenting on posts, then I created a blog of my own, but tried to keep it RA free (what can I tell you, I was a naive fool). Now I’ve jumped in at the deep end and I love it.
    BTW, I can’t imagine our RA community without your blog Frenz!

  4. It is quite a phenomenon – please tell me of other actors (or celebrities from other walks of life) that have comparable fan activity, I’d really like to know.

  5. The blogoshpere has been a revelation. Armitage was my intro. Caught RH on TV and went trolling for RA on google. First up: gentleman living on edge of Sherwood, who summarised and critiqued the series. (Dec. 2009-2010) He was quite taken with Kate of RH3. Links led to servetus and RAfrenzy. Rest is history. To think that this group has expanded to so many countries and soared to so many numbers since!!!

    Looking forward to F3 next week!

    And to all RAfrenzy posts in the future!

  6. Thank you, Fitz! You are a love. Seriously. And I appreciate your well thought posts over at Judi’s.

  7. Thank you, “I Want”. I’m getting very attached to you as well. :D

    Kap, that’s what I want to know! I wish someone would weigh in.

  8. Love you too, Frenz – especially the non- PC side! :D

  9. […] by this time next year, and yes, we’re already talking about F4. LOL! Last year we had a bit of an increase. This year? I’m wondering if it will be the explosion I’ve been anticipating. Whatever […]

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