This is One of the Reasons

There are many aspects of Richard Armitage which are compelling. Of course he has an interesting mind to go with his unbelievable masculinity, but it’s the voice that does it for me. No matter how he looks, that voice is guaranteed to send a tingle up my spine. Witness:

If you aren’t affected by that, then, well, we don’t have much in common — at least about this. Sincerely, Puddle of Goo :D

I chose his voice for last year’s FanstRAvaganza which made it so easy for me. This year? We’ll see how it goes since I have one post written as of today. But! one thing that’s an improvement — my life is not completely insane as it was this time last year. So no matter how this event turns out on my blog, I’m thankful.

Audio clip from Venetia courtesy of my collection by way of Naxos Audio Books — those lovely people who had the great foresight to engage Richard Armitage to read for them.


  1. The voice of Richard is mesmerizing and deep , he has the perfect male voice for me. It’s impossible to watch his movies in french (I’m french) I need to hear him and I’m not the only one.
    I collect his audioworks and my last is Lord of the North (hard to find). I love very much when he read poetry too.
    I think he would love to make a voice for a cartoon , it would be funny.

  2. That would be interesting! btw, I gave away Lords of the North last year during the Fanstravaganza event. This year I’m doing it a few weeks afterward. AudioGo, which is the BBC’s audiobook division and maker of LOTN, was kind enough to comp me some of the books for giveaway. I still have one!

  3. I completely agree. His voice is one of his best features.
    I love how he manages to move and transmit feelings (even when sometimes I don’t understand what he’s saying).
    Oh, my latest discovery: the “abracadabra” in one of the episodes of CBeebies, it should be illegal!!

  4. I absolutely love The Lords of the North. I left it for last, convinced I wouldn’t What a fool I was! I like the fact that he uses his northern accent and that he swears. I really forget it’s one actor reading all th eparts It’s wicked!
    As for the posts for FanstRA, there’s plenty of time still… kinda…

  5. Venetia is lovely – there are several parts I regularly listen to in isolation. Same with The Lords of the North – it’s so great. I really hope he reads some more books soon, the longer the better. I’d also love to hear him tackle The Hobbit (obviously) – someone give him that job please!

  6. I think I must have have everything he’s recorded on my iPod, even the advertisements! I love Lords of the North and the way he gets his tongue around the old Saxon place names and language.

  7. That has to be the most perfect reading voice. Can you imagine him reading Gisborne: Book of Pawns? I would love it to happen for a charity of his choice. Tweet it! Make it viral!!!

  8. :D Wonder why I can’t stop giggling when I hear Damarel’s voice?;)
    Thanks for audio-clip,RAFrenzy!

  9. Puddle of Goo, indeed. Sometimes I don’t think it’s safe for me to be driving a car while I listen to Venetia.

  10. Richard reading anything, even a telephone directory would send me into a meltdown! I hope with all my heart that he will narrate The Hobbit if they do an audio of it. Quick someone send Fran Walsh a copy of Lords of the North!

  11. Oh my! Just listening to that clip made me want to pull out “Venetia and listen to it all over again! As Damerel he makes me melt!! ;) He has such a beautiful voice which is absolutely perfect for reading and I am always blown away how he can slip from one character to another and sound like a completely different person so that you forget it is one person voicing all of them. I have all the audio books he has read including the Lords of the North and like others left it until last as I wasn’t sure I would like it. How wrong I was in thinking that! He was fantastic!

    The Georgette Heyer ones led me to collect her books and I think there are now only a few that I don’t have and I keep re-reading them! I can somehow hear his voice as I read the other books too so I hope he will narrate more of them when he has time – or maybe that should read IF he has time. One wonders how things will change for him once The Hobbit hits the theatres!! :D

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