Where To Next?

That really is a question I need to answer. With 396 posts in draft mode, and assuming only 10% of those are worth finishing, I’ve got plenty to draw from. But sometimes that’s the problem. Yeah, I know too much is a good problem, but it is a problem. And I really need to finish my diary entries even if they bore some of you. They’re cathartic for me, and as much as I love interacting with all of you (have I told you how much I enjoy that?! ‘Cause I do!), this blog is for me to let my hair down and maybe flex my creative muscle at times. Yeah, can you believe it, this is supposed to be creative. LOL!

I do have more interviews coming, and from fans some of you haven’t heard of. Are you interested in more of that? :D Or would you rather hear me wax on about my issues with Spooks?

Okay, a picture to explain why I have trouble continuing my rant about it:

[oh yeah, you can click to enlarge]

Candid shot courtesy of KuchingGirl


  1. Crap, he is gorgeous. I forgot what I was going to say…..

    I loved your diaries. I would love to read more of them. I like interviews to get other people’s perspectives. I like references to other blogs. I like your ideas on “stuff” and of course, anything RA reigns supereme. No, I am not sucking up. I just like the blog. It is your blog and you get to do whatever your heart pleases.

    Excuse me while i go back to oogling the picture.

  2. I don’t care…whatever you want. I’m just going to stare at this lovely pic of my 2 favorite British actors. Frenz Who?!! JK. Pretty much. BTW, Miz KuchingGirl…you are my hero. Seriously. :D

  3. He is indeed gorgeous, but that’s not why I can’t rant. :D

    And thanks for the kind words. I’m going to do all of that. Just don’t know where to start first.

  4. Nice pic! I suspect you have a few more up your sleeve. Looks to be freezing cold. Interviews are good, keep ’em coming. Spools stuff is also good though.

  5. I can’t decide and would love to read all of that Frenz!!! Yes, I am insatiable ;-)

    That pic is sooooooooo cute with the upraised finger and the cheeky grin – now I am smiling too

  6. Are you kidding me,RAFrenzy?! I’m interested in everything you want to tell me. I can’t wait! :) KuchingGirl is irreplaceable!

  7. I love your diaries, in no way are they boring. They are such a good read and so are your interviews. Besides Frenzy, regaling us with a (for me) unbeknown pic of a slightly freezing, gorgeously looking RA, who seem to share a good laugh with a colleague is simply Great! I can’t help saying it while staring at him: doesn’t his hand look especially big on this photo? ;-)

  8. I like your diaries because a lot of them sound like what I would have written if I’d been brave enough to record it all.

    And love the picture. RA smiling. Makes me smile.

  9. I must have missed the story? Who is Kuching girl and how did she get all these marvelous photos?

    I too love the diaries, Frenz. And everything else you post, Keep at it!

  10. Thank you all for such kind words, and my apologies for taking so long to answer. I am going to spend some time here soon going through every single post to make sure I didn’t miss any other comments. I’m sure I did some, but I mean to remedy that.

    And I’ve got more good stuff coming. I just try not to lay it all on you at once. :D As for KuchingGirl, she’s a longtime fan who’s been very kind to share her treasure trove with us.

  11. This is probably my fav pic of RA. I just love it. Puts a huge sily grin on my face. Just him being a guy. Thanks for reminding me of it again.

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