Where To Next?

That really is a question I need to answer. With 396 posts in draft mode, and assuming only 10% of those are worth finishing, I’ve got plenty to draw from. But sometimes that’s the problem. Yeah, I know too much is a good problem, but it is a problem. And I really need to finish my diary entries even if they bore some of you. They’re cathartic for me, and as much as I love interacting with all of you (have I told you how much I enjoy that?! ‘Cause I do!), this blog is for me to let my hair down and maybe flex my creative muscle at times. Yeah, can you believe it, this is supposed to be creative. LOL!

I do have more interviews coming, and from fans some of you haven’t heard of. Are you interested in more of that? :D Or would you rather hear me wax on about my issues with Spooks?

Okay, a picture to explain why I have trouble continuing my rant about it:

[oh yeah, you can click to enlarge]

Candid shot courtesy of KuchingGirl