Captured by a Sense of Wonder

Continuing with my foray into the FanstRAvaganza posts for this year.

Several fans have talked about Richard Armitage paper dolls. An attempt to recapture our childhoods? I know that’s what it is for me, but Agzy has taken it a step further and created some, which I doubt most kids would possess. LOL! And she’s also now running a contest for “Paper Richard.”

Ana Cris explains the significance of the Powhiri, and Richard Armitage and ‘The Hobbit” cast’s part in it, but first read her two excellent pieces on the significance of mountains in a culture’s identity and as it relates to Tolkien. These posts had a special significance for me since I live in the mountains and relish their power and effect on who I’ve become. Here is a place not far from my house, and oddly enough it’s named after one of SO’s relatives:

This is near 11,500 feet where the treeline ends.

JasRangoon thinks Richard Armitage should have kids, and she tries to answer the question of what they could look like. She also gifts us with a modern story of John and Margaret. Which John and Margaret? You must have only seen Spooks or Robin Hood. LOL! This John and Margaret. I started reading and immediately backed up to the beginning. Wow! This is her first fanfic. So far so good!!

Melanie of Melanie’s Musings believes Harry Kennedy is the near perfect man. Well, yeah! :D I found myself nodding — a lot — and then I got to the poll and thought my vote would still be in the minority. Oh, how wrong I was.

More tomorrow.


  1. Hi, RAFrenzy

    Thank you for your lovely note!
    Your region is dazzling ! :0)

  2. I like your looks back. It’s nice reviewing these again!

  3. Thank you for the link! I was surprised by the poll results as well. Apparently, a lot of people think Armitage should do more smiling.

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