Continuing the Stroll through FanstRAvaganza

More strolling through FanstRAvaganza.

E.B. Darcy speculates about Thorin’s role. Interesting speculation on where the movie will end, and I second the advice to “Read the book before you see the movie!” Then E.B tries to get us ready for the marketing of Thorin. I’m especially interested in an audiobook (more on that later). Of course all of this has her wondering where it might lead RA’s career.

Grati comes with her Crazy Caption contest, and then a poem about RA from an interesting perspective. Suddenly I’m hungry. ;-)

Angie (aka FedoraLady) takes us through a bit of her odyssey in making fan videos. And instead of the usual interview, the Hot Henchman interviews Lady Writer. :D

Fabo and her friend and fellow RA lover, Zibeline, thoroughly explore the power of the Armitage eyes and lashes, and then Fabo muses about who could play Anne Neville to Richard’s III. I’m starting to get into this RIII thing. LOL!

I’ve really enjoyed going through these posts. One more tagteam blogger tomorrow, and then I move onto the anchor bloggers.

Promo still courtesy of TheOneRing and screencap courtesy of Fabo’s blog.

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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my FanstRA posts :)

    I’m glad you are starting to get into Richard A as Richard III – hope everyone checks it out and signs the petition :)

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