The Year of the Dwarf?

Timeout from my FanstRAvaganza exploration.

I was followed on Twitter by another movie trailer site. I think they know I’m a sucker for these things. So I went over to watch some and came away with the need to post this.

Who woulda thunk one of the hot topics in entertainment this year would be dwarfs? (Or is that dwarves? Damn that Tolkien!) Not that I have any kind of problem with it or that it’s my first encounter with them — I have been a fan of the Roloffs. But I never imagined so much would be coming at us.

The premiere of “Mirror, Mirror” on Friday:

And supposedly ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ in June:

Of course the best is being saved for last since no dwarf before and probably since will be like this (Thank you, Sir Peter. :D):

But I do wonder why this much emphasis on Snow White? I’m sure the producers of those movies are irritated with each other, and I wonder if Peter Jackson is irritated by this as well or if it helps with ‘The Hobbit.’ Yeah, I think about useless stuff like this when I should be doing some paperwork such as the kind needed to file my taxes. See?! See?! why I get so caught up in this useless pastime?! Who in God’s creation wants to do their taxes?! Yep, that’s what I thought. This is much more soothing.

edit: E.B. Darcy reminded me about ‘Once Upon a Time’, which came out last year, and I think may be part of the reason Snow White is getting so much treatment.


  1. The TV show Once Upon a Time is also mostly about Snow White, and features the dwarves, especially Grumpy, quite a bit too.

    I suspect the movie studios are not happy with each other about their competing Snow White stories, but it’s not the first time two films with the same subject have opened back to back. I suspect Julia will beat Charlize at the box office.

  2. Yep, I forgot about t. This is why these two movies are coming out!! Gone to edit!

    I agree about Charlize beating Julia.

  3. The one with Charlize looks much more interesting.

  4. Plus, HELLO!!, Peter Dinklage in Game of Thones. Hot.

  5. Once Upon A Time is second favorite show this year (tied with Revenge and right behind psych). Could care less about either movie. I really dig that so much fantasy stuff is popular.

  6. Kap, Yeah, I’d say because it doesn’t seem like a kiddie film. LOL!

    Elaine, Hello! And I haven’t watched the Game of Thrones yet. Do I need to? :D

    Snicker’s Mom, I also need to watch Once Upon a Time. I have resisted fantasy for years, but now I’m coming to understand its appeal.

  7. Actually, that’s not an accurate statement. I’ve always known the appeal of fantasy but was afraid of its potential effect on my seemingly addictive personality. LOL!

  8. Elaine, Yes!! Peter Dinklage. I have loved him ever since he first came to my attention in The Station Agent. He was hilarious in Death at a Funeral (both versions) and I adore him in GoT. I do consider him to be a hottie dwarf of the genuine kind. :D

    Of course, my FAVORITE dwarf is Thorin. And the only “dwarf movie” I have any interest in seeing is the one starring that particular hottie dwarf. :D

  9. Fedoralady – The Station Agent was the first time I saw Peter Dinklage as well! I’ve only seen the US version of Death at a Funeral – must try to get my hands on the UK one.

    Here at work we ask the question “Is it home time yet?” several times a day. I also ask is “Is it Hobbit time yet?” or “Is it Thorin time yet?” Of course it’s always RA time! Cheers.

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