Almost Done

My continuation of reading FanstRAvaganza posts.

Fanny (aka Iz4blue or Sinjoor) has a wonderful series of conversations with various fan fiction authors. If you like fan fic, are thinking about reading fan fic, have read fan fic and want to read some more or you’re thinking about writing your own fan fic, check out this series which begins here.

I love the way Jonia has divided her posts into academic subjects — math, science, psychology, etc. I’ve always been a math and science girl, so the post on his legs and feet were of particular interest. :D

Nat had some fun stuff as usual with her games, but she also has a way of making connections with people, which obviously resulted in a lovely series of guest posts from SiouxsieSioux to Liza aka LonghairedToad to Phoebe (one of my favorite fans) to a newcomer that is a total delight, Mary! Funny and packed with a lot of truth. LOL!

Then there’s Traxy, who usually has something entertaining and provoking to say. No disappointments this year either. She asks the question I’ve been trying to articulate an answer to but not sure I have quite yet. And concerning RA, are we looking for a hero?. Or is it our admiration of his passion for his art? Or maybe because he’s a loyal guy? Or do some of us just love to love him? As for Traxy’s other two questions, I’m not sure of the answers but probably have a lot more to say on it later.

That’s all for today. One more blogger tomorrow.

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