Who’s Your Boyfriend?

December is going to be here soon. You think I’m nuts? Try processing that Christmas happened over three months ago. Feels like two weeks to me, and if I wait another two weeks, it will be Thanksgiving. That means I need to start getting ready now for ‘The Hobbit’ premiere. I think The Queen and I are going to try to go to NYC for this, but that’s not what this post is about.

You all know how much I love librarians. They hold a special place in my heart and especially sassy librarians, who I waxed on about here, and I’m going to do it again today. But for a very good cause! Richard Armitage is our fantasy boyfriend, and Meg Wood, the sassy librarian in question, runs a blog about fantasy boyfriends. Meg is busy. She’s a librarian at the University of Washington, runs the Boyfriend of the Week blog, her book/movie review blog, supports various noble causes (no, I’m not being snarky), and has a boyfriend of her own. So I’m putting in my bid now for a piece from her oh, sometime between December 15th and February 3rd, 2013. I’ll even pay for her movie ticket. Maybe I’ll throw in dinner as well if Meg will go on the hook for a boyfriend piece about Richard.

This shouldn’t be too difficult since she’s done it before. But that was six years ago and will be almost seven by ‘The Hobbit’ release. It’s time for another one. And if she’s wondering about other background information (DVDs, video clips, interviews or whatever) on RA to catch her up on the last several years of his career, I’m sure some of us can scratch up something for her. :D

It’s Wednesday evening, and I was going to wait until Friday night to publish. That seemed to fit better with the boyfriend theme. But I’m hoping Meg’s not busy on a Wednesday night.

So what say you, Meg? Dinner and a movie for a comparison of RA against your man?


  1. I’m going if I have to sell my boots or my firstborn or auction off a cake or 2. Hey Meg…I’m anxious to get your take. :)

  2. Richard is NOT her boyfriend. He is mine. But I want to read her blog.

    I want to go to the NYC premiere too. That is where he is going to see me all the way in the back of the line, past a zillion people behind the barriers and fall in love with me on the spot.

  3. No takers for the New Zealand premiere? Oh well, I’ll have him all to myself then! (yeah right!)

  4. Oh, how I envy you …. My busy schedule doesn’t allow me to attend any of the big premieres and my private jet is not available…
    Well, maybe next time =)

  5. If there is an Aussie premiere i am there. if there is one character who is my.boyfriend it would be John Porter

  6. Hi Frenz,

    Thanks so much for posting to Meg’s original 2006 post!!! What a wonderfully, hilarious write-up! Does she need to watch everything RA has done since 2006 to do a follow-up piece?

    I looked at the date of her post and thought, ‘hmmm, where was I then?’ and funnily enough, I was in Seattle (not far from the U of W) for surgery on this date! I cannot believe it has been 6 years!!

    Thanks for the time warp recollection! (btw-anyone looking for a great surgery experience in Seattle need look no further than Swedish Medical Center. Best. Surgery. Post-Op. Everything. Ever!) :)

  7. Thank you so much for the link to Meg’s post. Hilarious. MY DH is asleep beside me and I had the whole bed shaking from trying not to roar laughing. I too kept wondering if she has met Sir Guy, Lucas or John Porter? What fun she has in store. Thanks for all the fun.

  8. So going to the Australian premiere if there is one. I love RA as John Porter but really catching up on all his work. Plenty of hours of eye candy. :-)

    I really want to see robin hood. Guy just looks so hot, I would not mind if he is the bad guy.

  9. Oops! I put my letter in the wrong place. ROFLOL!!!!

    Now that some of you are sufficiently perplexed, go read the comment section of My Trip to New York

    I need caffeine. Gone to get some. Be back later.

  10. I’m glad everyone has enjoyed Meg’s post about RA; hope you check out some others as she’s a total hoot. She writes interesting book and movie reviews as well.

  11. UkExpat,

    It’s bizarre sometimes how small the world is getting. I think it always was actually. We just know it now. :)

  12. Hey, everybody! Thanks for all your nice words about my old Boyfriend write-up — you guys made my day!

    I’ve never done a full “official” write-up of a previous Boyfriend of the Week, but I’ve been thinking about starting a “where are they now?” sort of thing on the companion blog to the page (http://megwood.wordpress.com). Looks like I have my first contender! I’m hoping to get an actual new write-up posted this weekend, but will start working on a feature on Armitage right after that! Great idea! And definitely, lob your suggestions for post 2006 activities to catch up on my way! You can post here, or email me at meg@megwood.com.

    Thanks again, everybody!

  13. Thank you for stopping by to tell us you’re on! I look forward to your next post.

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