And You Just Thought Technology Was Too Much With You

Or The Grid Comes to the the Common Man:

Phew! My mind is running wild with the possibilities for this thing — good and bad. :D

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  1. Give me an ap that takes care of housework and I would be in heaven.

    Wonder if all this technology that supposedly keeps people connected is to help people cope with the loneliness that is very rampant in big cities in particular?

  2. Excellent point, Gracie. Nothing replaces people.

  3. Sure would make Glasses super cool! My dad would love this aka Mr. Gadget at 76 :)

  4. First thoughts, better behave myself. Would others appriciate being live all the time? Would it be posted somewhere others could see? Google seems to think everything is publishable. Point in fact I do a search for shoes, suddenly the shoe ads are following me everywhere I go thereafter,no privacy, our pages are being spammed already, can’t imagine them knowing all my doings, too Big Brother. Just MHO.

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