The Hobbit Audio Book

Talk at TheOneRing about the book ties-ins to ‘The Hobbit’ has trebled my passion for Richard Armitage to read the book! But I fear it will never happen. More than likely the contracts have been signed, and Peter Jackson, or Harper Collins or Middle-Earth Enterprises, or whoever is considered “the powers that be” have selected a more well-known reader. I so want to be wrong about this, but my infernal gut is rather dismal today. So this post is a vent. Or maybe I’m looking for someone with a positive outlook.

If it would make a difference, I would raise an issue on an LOTR site or two. I suspect they would probably dismiss me as nothing but a rabid fan with little or no objectivity. And to that I would ask: have you listened to the man’s voice?!

Oh well, in lieu of pestering the Tolkien fans, maybe a fake fan letter to alleviate my angst?

Dear Sir Peter or Harper Collins or MEE, Anyone with any sense:

The thought of Richard Armitage reading The Hobbit is sheer bliss only to be exceeded by the thought of his reading North and South…………………. Oh, sorry, I blacked out for a moment. Ahem. You really need to know that every book he’s read is wonderful. I may sound like a silly fan who would be happy with his reading of the phone book, but you would be wrong. On second thought, you might be right since I would be willing to pay money to hear that. You read that right. I would pay bucks for that. There might be a few others who feel the same. :D

And you do know more women buy books than men? I’ll give some documentation if you need it. Somehow I think you already know this. But more than that, have you heard the man reading a book? Then what are you waiting for? He is perfect. Yes, I know what I’m talking about, and someone is going to eventually cash in. Why not you and why not now?

Thank you for considering,
One of Richard’s fans who knows what women like and would love to help you make some money more money.

P.S. I realize you may not be the bottom line, Sir Peter, but hope you have some influence in this matter or at the least could have Richard reading some phone book entries in the next vlog. ;-) Surely that wouldn’t violate any contracts or anyone’s privacy — especially if the names are fake. Hmmm. My mind is flooding with the possibilities. Really, I don’t care what you have him say. Just let him say something in the next video!
P.P.S I’ve never written a post script so long, but hell, this is worth it.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of listening to Richard Armitage’s audio work, I have several samples in my FanstRAvaganza pieces from last year including RA doing American, and you can find additional excerpts here and here.

Also, I still have a little stockpile of audiobooks to give away. Some are courtesy of the BBC, and I have to say again how much I appreciate that! Need to get on the giveaway since SO keeps wondering why they’ve been on his desk for over a year.

Note: the wrap-up piece I promised is coming. Since that may be the most important writing I publish on this blog, I want to get it right.


  1. I would totally buy the audio book if he read it :D

  2. We need a campaign. : D

  3. It would be a sure fire winner for sure! Might need to appeal to the wives, get in that way!! LOL

  4. Oh yes! I would definitely purchase an audiobook of The Hobbit IF the powers that be would be sensible and get Richard Armitage for the project! This is coming from someone who never appreciated audio books until I heard HIS!!!

  5. Mersguy, You have a great idea. But which wives? I’ve got some extra audio books I could send. Would be happy to that. I’m thinking someone at Harper Collins. Maybe we can get Jonia to do the detective work.

    Phylly, You and me both!!

  6. I have the audiobook of “The Hobbit” read by Rob Inglis. This was recorded in 2006 so I very much doubt that there will be another production in the near future.

    It’s extremely well-narrated by Rob Inglis who also did the “LOTR” audiobooks in the 1990s.

  7. I’ve got that version, and six, almost seven years is plenty of time to warrant another issue. There was also a reading in 2000 I believe, so definitely it could happen again.

  8. I would prefer Richard to read the other 5 books in the Saxon Chronicles as I love his narration of “Lords of the North”. Those…. or “North & South” because there isn’t a recording of that.

  9. Exactly, there isn’t a recording of that other than the proposal scene. I would adore a reading of that book more than The Hobbit,but I’ll take the Hobbit if I can get it. completely agree about reading the other books in the Cornwell series!

  10. Wheels could already be in motion for all we know, with such a magnificent cast to choose from, Stephen Fry and Sir Ian to name just two have excellent voices for audio.
    I think PJ and Warner’s might have a bit to say on who gets the nod if it eventuates.
    I’ll be rubbing Buddha’s belly for extra luck!

  11. Any book read by Richard would be worth paying for, I must confess I have a few cbeebies stories on my phone…. :)

  12. True! I’d be afraid to admit what’s on my phone. :D

  13. You go, girl! Great post!

    If they don’t allow him to read that book, all of them are on crack or they’re suffering from early dementia. Who in their right mind would give it to anyone else????

    *Thus stops the angry rant.*

  14. If they want a bunch of women who may not even care about Tolkien to buy it, they will get Richard! :D

  15. I don’t know what else I can say that doesn’t sound like a tantrum-throwing crybaby (I know, I said the angry rant was at an end …)

    … but it will be wrong on SO many levels if they don’t give him the nod to do it. I said earlier that I’d stop whining about him not finishing the North & South audio, but I will become such a picklepuss if this one doesn’t happen.

    I shall walk about with my arms crossed and my lower lip extended for a full 6 months and will curse Peter Jackson to my deathbed.

    Dramatic enough for you?

    Thank you, that is all.

  16. Just in from running errands for hubs. Read this and OH MY GOSH, I’m buying a plane ticket to NZ immediately to go talk some sense into The Powers That Be…I’ll bribe them with some peach jam, whack them with my broom, beg them on my knees and almost whatever it takes!!! Or else. Or else. Or I’ll pout right along with lmt..sorry to much to type but then I just did doing this ohwell.

    I say we send copies of LotN and/or the N&S clip to all executive wives starting with Sir PJ and ending with Warner with lots in between like PS’s mom, sisters, cousins and whoever. *catching breath* What should I pack? Who wants to go with? RA Fans RULE!! Somebody slap meeeeeeeeee!

  17. Stupid men making stupid men decisions.

    I hate them.

  18. Nice swooning there after the mention of the North & South audiobook! Surely, they could do a 10-year anniversary audiobook, commemorating the original BBC airing of N&S?

    Personally, I’d put N&S above the Hobbit. But this could be because I’d wonder if the audiobook qualifies as ‘merchandising’ which would benefit Saul Zaentz Corp.

  19. make that PJ’s mom, etc…see? I just get way too carried away…

  20. N&S is definitely above The Hobbit!

    And any Hobbit or LOTR book is going to benefit Saul Zaentz corp.

  21. If they don’t get Richard, definitely the decision of some stupid men.

  22. When sending the DVDs to the wives, can we send a headshot of RA along? :D

  23. Actually,I have “North and South” audiobook(230min.with RA),Frenz.;)

  24. I would settle for anything of his voice at the moment *sigh*
    I’ve even loaded his advertisements voiceovers onto my iPod for heaven’s sake.

  25. Oh I completely agree! But more than likely Martin Freeman would be first choice, and then of course Stephen Fry another obvious choice as he has done so many others. Did anyone from the LOTR cast read that book?

  26. Joanna, where did you get the audiobook of “North & south”, please?

  27. Ditto to what Kathryn said. :D

  28. Exactly, Kap, it’s probably going to be someone like that. Sad. Seriously, I hate that he won’t be the one to read it, but I know in my bones he just doesn’t have the clout to get that part. Too bad since he really would be fantastic. Frankly, I probably won’t buy it if he doesn’t read it. I’ve already bought the Rob Inglis version, and it’s fine.

  29. Dear thefrencharmitagearmy, I use to play the Cbeebies vids on the phone when I can’t sleep. It works always. *giggles*

    “Personally, I’d put N&S above the Hobbit. But this could be because I’d wonder if the audiobook qualifies as ‘merchandising’ which would benefit Saul Zaentz Corp.” – Dear UK Expat, I couldn’t choose between N&S and The Hobbit but I absolutely agree in the second part. It seems they are bloodsuckers.

  30. I have an older version of The Hobbit with Martin Shaw reading it. Don’t get me wrong, I like Martin Shaw, but RA would do such a great job. I recently listened to the Lords of the North while driving to Newcastle past many of the places mentioned, then went to Bede World in Jarrow to get a better understanding of Anglo-Saxon life. It really brought it alive. I do hope RA makes time for audio work after The Hobbit. He is just so talented at it.

  31. About the thoughts of Kap I definitely I bet for Richard. He is really good in voiceovers, experienced and with an amazing voice. I don’t know about Martin Freeman but sure Richard wages are less than Stephen Fry. Moreover, he has a legion of crazy women looking for it, one that neither Freeman nor Fry have.

    I think in case they decide to release a new Hobbit audiobook, there is a winner. ;-)

  32. You are so funny, Raf! Funny/serious. Poor SO. A gentleman, is he. It would be lovely to have a Hobbit audio read by Richard A. Perhaps it will happen. Perhaps not. I love the LotN audio. Voice-sensitive. (No tenors need apply, sorry.) It is going to be very interesting when Hobbit hits the theatres. What will be the fall-out/gains etc. Whatever our aspirations, do you think that Mr. A will have made an impression, where it counts, among the producers/directors/bean-counters? And bigger career options in the aftermath? No matter what? (I think his large foot will be in the N.A. door).

    No doubt the PTBs are already looking at audio. And we hope that a long-nosed Mercian is on their radar screen.

  33. *heidi wakes up, remembers that Peter Jackson is an ass for not signing up RA immediately to read The Hobbit, stomps into the bathroom, brushes her teeth, all the while mumbling under her breath, ‘Men are clueless, men are clueless, men are clueless.’*

  34. @kathryngaul and Frenz:Let’s just say that watching movies is in conflict with my duties and therefore I have DVD,I have wireless headset…I don’t have to look on TV screen-images are engraved in my head…sorry…heart.:) Stupid, I know!;)

  35. Went to One Ring and read:

    “Chris Smith, Editorial Director for Tolkien at HarperCollins, said, “We are delighted to have been able to pull together many of the same experts to work on these books, as well as new talents to update the publishing mix.”

    The new talents excited me for a millisecond then reread “new talents” in context . I read that as RA=new talent instead of new talent=publishing talents. Rats.

    Yes, I am pathetic.

    My opinion/hope is that a new audio will be part of a huge Hobbit package presented to us for/at Christmas….along with some great artwork included in new editions of books, posters…getting carried away again. Sorry. But have you seen the Hobbit art out there?! And then there’s the music…I CANNOT WAIT for the music!!!!!!!! Who has now used her share of !s and will now leave the rest for others.

    But back to the audio…seriously, if I knew the ins and outs of campaigns for such as this, I’d help. I’d at least qualify as a stamp licker. And possibly a letter folder?

  36. *heidi stomps into the kitchen, still mumbling and grumbling about the buffoons at Harper Collins … puts Crystal Light in the coffee maker and presses “brew”*

  37. But in all seriousness — question for Frenz: Does a blog like this get anyone’s attention that there is a veritable market and that these people will make gobs and gobs of money if they just sign RA onto the project?

    What does it take to convince them that there are enough of us out there who want this?

  38. When Richard Armitage is queried, I’m somewhere around the 18th page of Google, and probably much further in if The Hobbit is queried. So no, I don’t think a blog like this could do much. LOL! I mostly vent here and hopefully I can chuckle.. If all of you chuckle too, great.

  39. Joanna, You do know that you made my heart stop and probably a few others’ with that first announcement. :D

  40. TheQueen, Sadly, I think it’s a done deal. Of course that article says nothing about an audio of The Hobbit. The only thing mentioned is someone who won an audio award and how he’s working on the behind the scenes book.

  41. Well, even if your blog isn’t widely recognized, it was still a good thing for you to do a post about this. It gave all of us who are book lovers, Tolkien lovers and admirers of the owner of the resplendent baritone voice a chance to vent and commiserate.

  42. Actually, do you know what I would love even more than an audiobook of The Hobbit? A CD of RA singing, songs from The Hobbit or … well, anything, really!

  43. I think we’re going to get that! btw, Welcome, LostinaGoodBook. I like your moniker. :)

  44. I”m glad I could help, Heidi. :D

  45. @Frenzy: :D No,no one in this company can’t be fooled by my revelations.;)

  46. @Joanna…you are soooo bad!

  47. The only thing that would get me to buy the audio book is, if it is read by RA. Otherwise there is no chance at all ;o)

  48. @The Queen: :D

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