FanstRAvaganza 2

List of bloggers for Fanstravaganza 2 at the bottom of the page

The second annual FanstRAvaganza has come and gone. For the last two years it has occurred for a week in March (although I had a little glitch and extended my posts). It was such fun that I’m leaving this page for others to enjoy. What is it? An event where bloggers post for a week on various and sundry goodness about Richard Armitage and his fans. The first FanstRAvaganza in 2010 was a lot of fun and had a little something to do with me entering the RA blogosphere. I suspect it had the same effect on several others. Perhaps this year we’ll see an explosion?

Some have asked how is this different from any other week on the blogs? It’s different in a few ways. Most important is that it overtly promotes community and yet diversity in the RA blogosphere while promoting Richard Armitage. Also, not everyone who is part of this event blogs about him almost non-stop. There are some who only blog about him occasionally, and there are some who are new bloggers. This is a chance for their presence in the RA universe to become known or perhaps a little more known to you. But for me as an almost non-stop RA blogger, this year’s event was a chance to engage and highlight fans more than usual. I covered the topic of Richard Armitage’s voice work and also featured the voices of some fans.

My posts:

Are You Sick of Hearing about FanstRAvaganza?

PSA for FanstRAvaganza!

Before I Really Get Rolling

The Voice

The Ear

Good Vibrations

Catching the Wave

The Mind

Yes, It’s April Fools

A Reverie

And the Fun

Some of these posts were before the event, so yes, there are a lot of them.

Last year included the bloggers listed below, and CDoart put together a great snapshot of all the bloggers and posts here!

Mulubinba at An RA Viewer’s Perspective

Avalon at Avalon Medieval

Christine at CDoart

Judiang at Confessions of a Watcher

Sarah Pawley at From the Quill Tip

Servetus at Me+Richard

Prue at Mesmered’s Blog

Pi at Nevermind Mr. Armitage

Phylly at Phylly’s Faves

Natalie at Richard Armitage Fan Blog

bccmee at Richard Armitage Vids & Graphics

Skully at Spooks Fan Blog

Traxy at The Squeee

Musa at White Rose: Sincere and Simple Thoughts

and yours truly, Frenz.

A big thank you to Nat at Richard Armitage Fan Blog for organizing the event.


  1. […] chose his voice for last year’s FanstRAvaganza which made it so easy for me. This year? We’ll see how […]

  2. […] to Richard Armitage’s audio work, I have several samples in my FanstRAvaganza pieces from last year including RA doing American, and you can find additional excerpts here and […]

  3. I got to see DVD of North and South in 2008, and I have fallen into a bottomless pit of a very sweet contradiction which resolved it
    self in a train station performed by Daniella and Richard. Ever since, that train station scene always brings smiles to my mind even in the midge of bouts of despair, heart aches and most of the time, even at work. My only regret is that they never played together again, perfect pair that they were. Richard moved on to greater roles and fame, but Daniella seemed to have vanished into thin air. The last note by Richard on his website was that he took Daniella out for a beer, about 6 yrs. ago, no follow up that I know of. If by any chance anyone can tell me about Daniella, it would stop my wonderings as to what has befallen lovely Margaret. I have watched The Crucible on tv, listened to several audiobooks and read North and South inspired novels, about 15 of them thus far. I follow his work in cyberspace almost everyday, even when I was feeling sick, in fact the sight of them makes me forget my trepidations. I saw ”Love, Love, Love” in New York, courtesy of my better half. For me, Richard and Daniella is the set of binary stars in my quantum of time, a twin neutron stars, circling each other until their repulsive [ Richard’s words] or anti-gravitational forces collapse and they fell into each other, exploding with a light brighter than a thousand suns, like nuclear fission, like the star of Bethlehem.

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