Break Time

Lots of stuff going on in my world, so I’m taking a break for the next week, or at least that’s the plan. Of course if something really interesting happens in RA Universe, I might pop in. But for now, consider me gone until May 1.

When I return, there will be more snark, more interviews, more vidders to watch, more music I love and maybe more diary entries. I keep waffling on this last one, and maybe that’s a sign I should stop with those entries. Stepping out of the fray and taking care of some pressing business might put it in perspective. We’ll see.

This is what I saw this morning and see almost every morning.

I get my mail in the town below, which is almost a 1,500 foot drop from where I stood to snap this picture. The peaks in the distance are around 14,000 feet.

That view does things to me, and I hope it always does things to me. I hope so many things in life continue to have the power to affect me deeply. Although I’ve often made comments about being jaded, and in some respects I’m a very jaded person, I hope I never become immune to the things that make me aware of God’s presence.

Hope all of you have a great week and the weather is as beautiful where you are as it is where I am.


  1. We’ll keep Richard Armitage warm for you while you’re gone.

  2. Rest, recoup..look forward to your return.

  3. Have some nice days, take care and come back soon

  4. Thanks for letting us know what’s up. (You know how we worry!) ;)

  5. Have fun but we’ll need some updates on the beard growing thing when you get back. And pics. :D

  6. Hope it’s cause you just can’t blog and run around New Zealand having Hobbit fun too.

  7. “Let the rivers clap their hands, let the mountains sing together for joy”
    Psalm 98:8
    Thank you for sharing this beauty and splendor that moves you.

  8. That’s gorgeous.

    And is anyone really SURE that Frenz is not on her way to New Zealand, clad with a fake beard and dressed like a dwarf so that she can sneak into the filming set, blend in and become our spy-on-site?

    I think she’s in Wellington right now!


  9. @lovemrthornton: She’s i Wellington all the time, just like me…;)

  10. LOL!

    *heidi searches under her bed for her passport, tosses the dog aside laying on top of it and emerges, shaking out her hair*



    Where is my fake beard?

  11. LOL! Fake beard isn’t needed,Heidi:)
    Just listen to our beloved imaginary friend, drop your head and hunched a little, nobody will noticed you.;)

  12. It’s a good plan.

    Got it.

  13. The view is stunning! I hope you have a chance to relax and regenerate during your break. Cheers, Elaine

  14. What a stunning view, and right on your doorstep too! Lucky you. :)

  15. Which reminds me.. ! Gotta send in my passport application! I saw your view in passing and as I’m catching up .. Can’t resist mentioning your “range” sure beats mine :)

  16. You are all welcome to visit sometime. : D Yes, I’m grinning, but I’m serious too.

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