MrCere, We Are Experiencing a Strange Emotion

I’m finally getting ’round to catching up on my reading of TORn and have discovered Larry D. Curtis (aka MrCere) is an embed on the set of ‘The Hobbit.’ Something ugly flickered in the middle of my being. It was a foreign feeling. One I’ve only felt perhaps two or three times in my life, but one I hope never to experience again, or I may not be responsible for my actions.

From the looks of things here, it might seem I’m jealous of MrCere meeting the cast and in particular, you know who. Nope. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to watch him work! I would love to do that — much more than meet him. C’mon what would I say to him or he would say to me that I couldn’t completely predict? I could write that script. Boring.

But to watch him work?! And the rest of the cast? And Peter Jackson?!! That would be something wonderful. A fantasy! Yes, I’ve had others — mainly where I cook and he talks, but this is my ultimate fantasy of an encounter with Richard Armitage, and Larry’s tweet has inflamed my envy:

To hell with sports. No, I don’t mean that but mean it for the moment. :D

I would so love to be a fly on the wall. Yes, I can see it. Me up there:

No, higher:

And maybe a little less obvious:

Looking down on all that creativity!

But then I suppose I would actually need to stand on one of these:

Can a fly really hang out on one those?

Or would I need to morph?

Wondering how Larry Curtis feels about now. Fly or Goat?

Dear Larry,

We are awaiting your report(s). Yes, it is a royal we. When you have as many personas (personae?) as I do, you can become royal too.

One of Richard’s fans who may become a boom, a boulder or a horse in the near future. ;-)

P.S. Of course you rate a fake fan letter. *looks coyly*

Screencaps of Hobbit Set vlog from my stash.


  1. Frenz,

    Watching a film being shot and getting in on the behind the scenes aspects is absolutely fascinating to me. I’ve gotten the chance to do that for probably what will be the only time in my life, and it was great. Now, to watch Sir Peter at work and Richard and Sir Ian and Martin and . . . well, it would be a dream come truw. Looking forward to hearing more from this gentleman. Because I totally agree-there IS a deep pleasure at watching passionate people at the top of their game. :D

  2. It would be great to do this – by the way, I heard that he isn’t allowed to report anything till next year as he is observing the second movie, so don’t hold your breath!

  3. Yep, we’ve got a long wait. :D I can handle it.

  4. Angie, When I was a kid, I got quite a few opportunities to be on a movie set. Got to be an extra a few times too. Definitely fascinating!

  5. […] Fan interview at Frenz’s. Also, Frenz says she is not jealous. […]

  6. I was in Oklahoma and Annie Get Your Gun when I was high school!!!! Doesn that count?! :)…btw, NOT my cup of tea. I still have nightmares about forgetting my lines. ick. But I could do the fly on the wall thing really well. Just watch, listen and take notes.


  8. I don’t mind admitting I’m jealous of Larry. And of the crew who get to work on these films. I love the behind-the-scenes stuff.

  9. Just so y’all know, I AM jealous. Very. : D

  10. I know! I know! Let’s sneak Frenz into the set dressed as a dwarf, and we can get the real scoop.

  11. And it would be so easy since I’m a shorty. All I need is a beard.

  12. Well, heck some hormones could fix that!

  13. But will any of them go with my hair? ;-)

  14. If not, I have an excellent stylist who can dye it to match. YES! We have a plan!

  15. And it must be very full hair for planting a microphone like this:

  16. I do not envy him. Not at all.

  17. How thought provoking. :D

  18. LOL! I DO! I DO! :-D

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