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Are you a working “girl”? Then this blog I’m highlighting below may be of interest. And Katie, the author, is not only a Richard Armitage fan, but she’s smart and savvy and fast becoming one of my favorite bloggers. :D

Life Lessons from a Hobbit and a Dwarf Part 1
Posted on June 3, 2012

What on middle earth possessed Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage to audition for The Hobbit?!

Martin Freeman, perhaps a little better known, has some movie experience albeit with smaller roles in Hot Fuzz (hilarious!) and Love Actually. And we mustn’t forget the TV hits The Office and Sherlock (fantastic!).

Richard Armitage’s only other foray into international movie stardom was a brief appearance as a baddie in Captain America.

Leading roles in The Hobbit are a significant step up, CV wise, for both actors.

But clearly both felt they had a chance, even if just a small one, and the ability to do the job. They were both also willing to fail in their quest.

Their example provides us with some valuable life lessons, or more specifically, career lessons.

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