Richard Armitage at Comic Con 2012

I’ve been waiting for this announcement, and then @KellyDuck sent me a message about a piece she read via Cumberbatchweb. It concerns an article from Total Film:

[click to enlarge]

Will post article link when I get it. (see edit below)

But this means RA is coming back to America!

The only bad news in all of this is Comic Con is sold out.

Edit: I don’t have a link that’s easy to read, but the entire article is up here. And Comic Con is still sold out, but there may be hope. Go here


  1. Hooray!! Damn. Oh, well, he will be here in the US and surely
    there will be some photos taken of him at this event and maybe interviews and maybe . . . maybe I really, really do need to see the darling man.

  2. Wow. You don’t miss a beat!

    This is awesome.

    Let’s keep him in the U.S. for as long as he’s been in NZ. It’s the Americans’ turn, dammit. :-D

  3. Angie and Heidi, can’t y’all swing some sort of press pass?! :D

  4. *Thorin* is paranoid?

  5. Actually, that’s a good fit with the character from the book.

  6. I tried not to get too excited about this in case it wasn’t for real. But it is? He’ll be appearing at Comic Con? Yaay!! When does CC happen?

  7. It’s July 12-15.

  8. Well, at least we can look forward to some pictures, anyway :)

  9. Cool!! Wondering if I know anyone in San Diego…probably not so I’ll just have to wait on reports from others. You are on a news flash high! WooHoo!!

    And remmeber, Angie, if you get in with a press pass and line up an interview, I’m the Official Pencil Sharpener. And Bearer of Chocolate Chip Cookies..or was it brownies. I forget.

  10. Thanks for the dates, frenz. Anon was me. I’m excited now about seeing pictures, reports, and hopefully something on YT as there has been for other CC’s.

  11. Excellent – but I hope he’s lost the beard by then!

  12. Reblogged this on Unkraut vergeht nicht….oder doch? und kommentierte:
    Sind zwar nur ein paar Sätze von den Herren, aber ich freue mich über jeden neuen Schnipsel zum Hobbit :-)

    Thanks to Frenzy for the scan and the original blog!!!

  13. I saw this on tumblr earlier and I’m truly excited!! I hope there will be TV as well as magazine coverage of it all – especially Richard!! :D

  14. YAY!!! Thank You! He is so handsome!

  15. “I’ll take my sword with me. That’ll keep ’em away.”

    Offering the potential to be personally threatened with Orcrist? Oh yeah, that will keep the fanboys (or girls) away, for sure :).

  16. Is it true? Richard will be at comic con? Urgh so wish I could go, squee ♥

  17. Minor Herba, Please give the credit to They scanned it, and I’m grateful! :D

  18. Posted an edit to the blog piece with info about this issue of “Total Film”. We do not have this version in the U.S. Hopefully, Ali will have this up soon.

  19. I’ve tried to get tickets to comic con for several years now, and have failed. :( It sells out within a week of them going on sale. Sometimes, like this years, within a few days! Very envious this year because of The Hobbit.

  20. That’s what I’m hearing. I have a friend who works for one of the big comic publishing houses. Next year I will be planning ahead. LOL!

  21. Hey Frenz… are ya feeling like a road trip with a friend!? :) Can you imagine meeting RA together? I can only imagine how badly we’d embarrass ourselves!!! It would be hilarious! (Forget about the fanboys, Richard… it’s the fanGIRLS you’ll need to worry about.)

  22. Nat, if I could go, I would. Not this year anyway. Maybe next go ’round. :)

    Richard’s too smart to mention the fangirls. :D

  23. @RAFrenzy Just caught your question about the press pass … although I know it was in jest … :-)

    I don’t cover entertainment stories or celebrities, but actually if I did, I don’t think I’d *want* to interview RA. If I ever crossed paths with that guy in some weird flukey turn of life, I wouldn’t want it to be in my role a member of the press. Bizarre, huh?

    That said, what a terrific story! Whoever gets to cover it will have such a blast doing it! :-)

    If any of you go, make sure you write up a report for the rest of us! Too fun!

  24. I’ll refrain from pscyho analyzing your comments. :D

    We almost always get a report from someone, and it’s normally on or Usually get pictures too.

  25. Oh noooooooooooooo. No psycho analysis, please! I didn’t even think that I was opening the door when I typed that, ugh. :-/

  26. But to segue off of THAT … what type of comedic role do you guys think RA will do next? I’m so used to seeing him in drama, other than the Vicar show, that I can’t even think what he’d play!

  27. @lovemrthornton, I’d like to meet Mr. A as:
    1) an interviewer? Not the “Your’re a beautiful boy”/Lorraine style; the frightfully incisive, brilliant interviewer (Yeah, right, dream on…)
    2) Librarian, providing books for character research; (we’ll take the relationship from there :D )
    3) scriptwriter, arguing over the Armitage notes, and his vision of the character and plot developments. MY vision, is of course, the right one. “You propose to jump off a skyscraper – you are a total nutter, Armitage!”:D

  28. LOL! Love it.

  29. Heidi,

    I guess my teasing is not obvious today. You’re the second person to take me seriously when I was far from serious. I’d really be in trouble if I refrained form emoticons or text speak. :D

  30. Missed you, Fitz

  31. So really? A comic convention? Seriously? I live such a dull life. Who knew?

  32. […] One thing we do know is where to be expecting him come July 12-15. […]

  33. I currently live in Southern California and I am a local photgrapher. I had planned on taking my eleven year old daughter to Comic Con this year- she loves LOTR, The Hobbit, J.R.R Toilken , and absolutely loves Peter Jackson!! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get tickets, but I still plan on taking her to the downtown area. My sister lives in San Diego and she says it’s so much fun to walk around and look at everyone’s eccentric costumes.

    We’ll be there for three days and If I get a glimpse( which I highly doubt) of of RA I will definitely post a pic!!

  34. I currently live in Southern California and I am a professional photographer. I had planned on taking my eleven year old daughter to Comic Con this year- she loves LOTR, the Hobbit, J.R.R Toilken, and she absolutely loves Peter Jackson!! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get tickets to the event( I haven’t lost hope, I am still attempting to purchase tickets), but I still plan on taking her that weekend to walk around in her costume. My sister lives in San Diego and she says it’s so much fun to walk around the convention area/ downtown area and to observe everyone’s eccentric costumes!!

    To be honest, I am not too familiar with Mr. Armitage’s work- my daughter is the one who introduced me to him and it was when he appeared as himself on one of the vblog’s. However, I’ve been doing some research and it appears that he’s very humble and extremely talented- which is very rare in the entertainment industry! If I catch a glimpse of RA ( which I highly doubt), I will definitely post a pic!

  35. Awesomeness — do you have a link to that vlog??

  36. PhotographerMama,

    Welcome and thank you! I sent you an email and of course would love to see anything you want to share. I’ve also heard about the zany atmosphere outside the convention. It would be interesting to see this year’s crowd. :D

  37. Frenz.. do you or any of the other fangirls/boys know hat that numbering system is about above on the TotalFilm page, please?

  38. It’s about 100 starts to watch in the future. I’m about to get the scanned piece and will post as soon as I do.

  39. LOL! That should say “stars” not “starts.”

  40. Thank you…you’re very quick!

  41. I live in San Diego and trust me, even if you could get inside the event, chances are you wouldn’t be able to get near enough to RA or Martin Freeman to get an autograph or even a close view of those wonderful faces. I’m sure he’s enjoying the weather; it’s gorgeous. I’m not so sure he and Martin Freeman are not in a bit of shock after viewing our Comic Con event. It’s nuts…………………..the crowds pushing and no room to even stand………………..I can’t wait for any photos!!!

  42. Must see the precious…. I hope you or somebody uploads video! ;-)

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