Wait. Wait.

A crisis of conscience is crashing over my head. Have I really been in this Richard Armitage frenzy for over four years and blogging about it for over two?! What?!!

It’s the zombie apocalypse. This is how it looks. Just sayin’. In case you wondered. So don’t be frightened. It’s good for now, but sometimes dinner burns. And it beats the hell out of chewing off someone’s face (nope, not even going to put up a link. vomit). No wonder I’ve immersed myself in this!! Okay, I think I’m all better.

Now go buy some gold for the coming economic disaster. Not gold certificates but the real stuff. And then come back and watch ‘North and South with a bunch of us.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

edit: for those who found some of my comments cryptic, just know that zombie apocalypse, which was already a big meme, is now being applied to the incidents involving a drug referred to as “bath salts.” Supposedly the drug turns people into cannibals. There are now at least two recorded and verified instances of this in the U.S. Sickening and definitely makes me want to immerse myself in something that feels good. I actually had a nightmare about this. Mostly thinking of my girls who live in NYC and hoping they look out for themselves and for friends (some of them RA fans) who live in Florida.


  1. Have you seen the zombie version of Pride & Prejudice? I just can’t go there.

    And now you have Mr. Thornton and a cart full of dead bodies. I will never erase this image from my mind.

    That, and the guy with the fork in his mouth.

  2. I read the book, and no, I don’t get the fascination. Well, I do if I put on my snark hat.

    OH, I love John Standring. Fork and all. :D

  3. Now I can say I have not seen the movie with the *other* famous food product. *cough cough*

    I’m not sure I can go there, either.

    At any rate, way to work zombies into North & South! You go, girl!

  4. Don’t watch the other movie!! Not unless NO one is around. LOL! You did hear about the man in Miami right? look up “bath salts” + Miami. I just don’t have the heart to link the story.

  5. Oh, I know, I know, I know! My view of “Mr. Thornton” must be kept “pure,” or else all dreaminess will be lost forever.

    Re the bath salts … I saw a headline, made the deduction, didn’t open the story … probably best left alone. My imagination runs so wild that I would literally have a nightmare.

    I think I’ll go eat some *peach* pie now. Thank you, that is all.

  6. Not sure I’ll be much help in preserving JT’s image.

    BTW, I did lose my appetite for a day AND had a nightmare. Shaking my head as I write this.

    Now go eat some peach pie. :D

  7. Whoever thought talking about peach pie would make me take a cold shower?

    And to think this all started with a top hat, a cravat, a cart full of zombies and Nigella Lawson’s chocolate cake.

    I’m done now.

  8. Do you really buy gold now, when it is so expensive? It won’t help in a crisis anyway, is my way of thinking. Who should buy it then, when all are in the crisis and rather would like something to eat? Peach pie and North & South seem like an ideal way to get over my crisis for now ;o)

  9. Actually silver is the better buy (albeit expensive too) and more liquid.

  10. Just become a bit forgetful lately. Wanted to congratulate you for two years of fantastic blogging and 4 years of fandom ;o) To many more f’a’nny years to come !

  11. The way to deal with the gold and silver market has already passed. Should have had an option to sell. All the bad news today is making people gobble it up so those with an option to sell it now are making a killing.

  12. Thank you, Christine. It’s been a pleasure and mostly getting to know all of the others fans such as yourself.

  13. Thank you ;o) Are you not already in the first group watch? I will join tomorrow in the UK evening time (hopefully, when everything works).

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