Timeout for Colorado

Note for new readers: I occasionally take timeout from the fun to acknowledge something serious occurring.

I live in the glorious state of Colorado. I love it here where my children have grown and where SO and I have made wonderful friends. Today, many of those friends are in some sort of shelter after being evacuated from their homes over the last few days. The evacuation is occurring up and down the I-25 corridor but mostly west of the Colorado Springs area at the moment. 32,000 people have been evacuated.

[photo near Manitou Springs, Colorado]

We are sending help and certainly sending prayers.

And the rest of the state is tense about what new fires may come due to the very dry conditions all over. I live to the west of Colorado Springs, and usually the river here is cresting about this time, and it’s not unusual for it to threaten to overflow its banks. But this year, I can walk in the river with the water up to my knees, and only in a few cases above my knees. The wheat crop here, which is usually significant, doesn’t exist. Farmers are plowing under what they had planted. Ranchers who hay in August are in the middle getting what little crop they have harvested now. I can’t tell you how odd it is to see haying in June. Lawns and decorative foliage are also looking pretty brittle which is certainly of little importance unless it feeds a fire.

Last evening we had a dry storm (clouds threatening rain but only giving lightening). I stood on my front porch and watched the dark clouds do nothing but create fear they would spark a blaze. And the interminable waiting for some relief has created a tension in town that I’ve never experienced even in the worst winter weather. Everyone feels helpless, and yet this is nothing to what our neighbors to the east are experiencing and again, we hope to help. But maybe some of you can help as well. This is all happening so quickly, I only have this info about helping so far. I will keep you posted, and thanks for anything you can do.


  1. I’ve been watching the news coming out of CO since Monday and am so sad that some our favorite haunts are either gone or being threatened. Being a CO neighbor, we’re on high alert also. This summer is proving to be nasty at best. The past 4 days have recorded 100+ temps with the last 2 days 110. The crops are beginning to show stress so our hopes of being able to help CO, TX and OK ranchers are fading fast.

    The panic when those dry clouds start building is palatable isn’t it? Last week’s storm brought rain east of us but in our county alone, we experienced 9 fires due to lightening strikes. I can’t imagine the damage they can do in the dry mountains.

    CO is our fav place to vacation and we’re familiar with the land and its people and are praying for relief for y’all. Thanks for the links to help. If you’re on Twitter, Michelle Malkin is posting by the minute pics and updates, if you’re ineterested.

    G-d bless Colorado. Prayers and thoughts coming your way!

  2. Colorado is indeed a lovely state. Benny and I have visited Denver, Colorado Springs and Boulder and enjoyed the immense beauty of the area. So sorry to hear about this. The helplessness can feel overwhelming. Hang in there, everyone.

  3. I live in Colorado Springs. Was evacuated yesterday. I live in the rockrimmon area. Were you evacuated too?

    Stay safe.


  4. Frenzy… we were doing much the same thing last night. Watching the beautiful YET frightening display of lightening. Praying that each strike would not show a YELLOW glow afterwards. We’ve been fortunate on the western side. We’ve had a couple of small fires start but our fire teams here were able to get them under control quickly!

    I look at the pictures and just cringe… my heart is aching for these families, businesses and landmarks that have either been destroyed or in hight danger of it.

    We experienced a brush fire sweep through the field behind our house about 15 years ago. The fire took our neighbors home (less than 15 ft from our house walls). Our own house caught fire three times but firefighters were able to contain it. In fact, we were told for 3 hours that evening that our house was burning out of control. (confusion in house numbers) So I do understand how so many of these families feel.

    Needless to say… our household is praying for rain!

  5. Thanks NB and Fedoralady! We can surely use the prayers too.

    NB, As you know, I’ve been keeping up with Kansas. I hope there is a break soon.

    Kaity, I live a few hours west of you. So sorry to hear about what’s going on. The people up here are looking for ways to help you all!

    Lorebear, We are praying too! Glad to know you’re okay.

  6. I will keep my fingers crossed that everybody stays safe. :-)

  7. Thank you!

  8. I hope everyone stays safe! My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!

  9. We’ve had the wettest and coldest June I can remember here in Europe. I wish I could send it your way, as it sound like you desperately need it. Keep safe!

  10. Gracious.

    I am so sorry.

    Many prayers for Colorado.


  11. If people outside CO wish to help, I would always recommend the Red Cross. My friend who works for Red Cross was just deployed from CA to CO earlier this week. Wishing you all safe and a bit of rain!

  12. Thoughts and prayers for you and your loved ones. Hope you can bring your cheeky chirpy self back to us soon.

  13. This is huge news around the globe. I hope your friends and family remain safe. *HUGS*

  14. This is the first I’ve read of CO’s troubles. My thoughts and prayers, especially for rain, go out to you all there.
    We had ten years of drought here in Australia, with devastating bushfires in my state three years ago, now it’s floods and the coldest winter in a long time.
    Stay safe.

  15. Thank you all for the prayers and good wish and hugs. We’re all doing fine but really concerned about some of our friends. We are hearing that the evacuation has gone pretty well considering how quickly it occurred. Something that was especially an issue is most of the areas evacuated were outlying with livestock. It’s one thing to leave your house. It’s another to leave the livestock. So that was the unreported wrinkle to the evac.

  16. So sorry to hear about this dangerous time for people in your area. I know all about forest fires and was expecting a bad fire season here but we had a very rainy June. I think most of the rain hit Thunder Bay causing very bad floods and then further east in Duluth which did even more damage. It makes me wish we could spread the rain around! The weather just seems to get more and more extreme!
    I am praying for big rain clouds to drench those fires!!

  17. Stay safe, Frenz and other Coloradians!

  18. Just had coverage on TV. Hope you and your loved ones are OK

  19. I am so sorry for what your beautiful state is going through. I hope for rains and for help from your government. I am NOT complaining any longer about a heat wave in Ontario. Thoughts are with you and with all in Colorado and hopes for an end to these climatic disasters. Best wishes.

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  21. Thank you all for the good wishes and prayers. Things are getting under control near Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and east of Grand Junction. People who came to visit have gone back home to survey the damage and now the real help begins.

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