Richard Armitage Confirmed at Comic-Con

TheOneRingnet came through again! They have confirmed ‘The Hobbit’ cast, including Richard Armitage, will indeed be at Comic-Con.

I hope this settles it for some of you. :D

This is a great photo, but someone needs to talk to TORn about a more recent one.

Promo still courtesy of


  1. Well, needless to say, I am chuffed!!! I thought the same thing about the photo. It’s a great one, but it’s also–what?–at least six years old??

  2. Thank you for keeping us posted on this event. Yes, the picture is good, but so not current. That tells me the person that chose this pic is not an RA fan…yet!:)

  3. Great news. Unfortunalety, San Diego it’s too far… ;-)

    Have a nice day and a sunny week-end. :-)

  4. For those of us not going also counting on our friends at TORN for full coverage of SDCC and all Hobbit and RA moments!

  5. Maybe they wanted a picture without a beard. :)

  6. That pic stuck out like a sore thumb. In a good way, of course. All of the others color. Weird. TBH, I never have liked that pic tho.

    Re: Comic Con..oh to be a little mouse…

  7. Not a bad photo, really. Except for artful locks of hair blowing over the face, it does define his not-just-pretty-boy features. Still, Your Majesty, Ma’am :D not really my favourite, either.

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