Where To Now For Richard Armitage?

It’s a wrap for ‘The Hobbit’ filming! Other than heading to Comic-Con, I wonder if Richard Armitage will get in some skiing. Oh maybe free styling somewhere around Ruapehu:


Dear Rich,

Forget I said that. We can’t have you breaking a leg before Comic-Con. We’re all beside ourselves to see you up there where you belong — onstage before a bunch of screaming fans. Be sure to take some Tylenol.

One of your crazy fans, who knows what it’s like to break a leg and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Ugh.


  1. God forbid he break anything anytime but particularly not now. Tailbones are no treat, either. Can’t even put a cast for people to sign on them LOL

  2. Swooshing down the slopes at Queenstown perhaps!! On second thoughts…. No! Comic Con is far too important dont you agree Angie!

  3. Oh, I totally agree, mersguy. ;)

  4. I guess he’s missed at Armitage’s house, maybe he’ll spend time with family and friends.

    If not, whatever you do Mr. A, please nothing dangerous! We want you in one piece at comiccon ;)

    OML :)

  5. I don’t think there is enough time for a visit home and he may be needed to re-shot a few scenes. My guess is that pre or post Comic Con he will spent some time in LA, auditioning or negotiating future roles.

  6. Doesn’t he have that Charlie movie in the works? Or am I ahead or behind of the filming schedule. I can’t find the link, disorganized, but I know I belong to a blog all about the in orogress movie.

  7. It’s my understanding that he’s not part of that project any longer if he ever was.

  8. So much for the credibility of the Internet. It’s mind boggling to think that someone would create a whole blot that is fake, for what purpose? Just out of curiosity do you happen to know the name of the forum or blot, or the name of the project? Thanks for your time.

  9. I’d often thought of telling him how great the skiing is in Whistler but decided to keep these thoughts to myself – for obvious reasons! Skiing can be dangerous! :(

  10. The first video in this post was shot at Whistler. https://rafrenzy.com/2010/08/22/happy-birthday-ra/

  11. […] Quo vadis Armitage? Frenz prefers skiing. […]

  12. Sorry frenz! I missed the Whistler video until now! Part way through the video a mountain with a black pinnacle comes into view. It is called Black Tusk and I climbed it with my husband some years ago! Not in the winter, I might add! I myself didn’t go quite to the base of the tusk as the trail leading to it was across pretty unstable scree and I didn’t fancy going down the fast way! :( It was a tough climb but worth every moment!

  13. He was in Michigan until the end of the August on the tornado movie. If you look at the local papers there is a blog with a cellphone picture of him that is cute.

  14. Thanks, Peanut. I did eventually find that out, but hey, don’t ever assume I know.. Thanks for coming by. :D

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