Um Yeah, It’s Thorin

What was I saying about getting bored staring at the same picture? I lied. Richard Armitage is Thorin so deliciously in this picture, and you know I’m strongly affected when I use language like that. When have I ever used words like deliciously? Yep, I thought so. Never. And this might be the only time. ;-)

[click to enlarge]

But then I guess this isn’t exactly the same picture is it. Daria has done some magic on it! And for more of her magic, check out her DeviantArt profile or her tumblr.

The highlights on his face and hair make me think I could find him on a beach somewhere but obviously without all the leather. :D

Original scan provided from Ali’s wonderful iPad. :D And can be seen in a larger format at RichardArmitageNet.Com


  1. Our weather was wicked yesterday so didn’t get my EW from box until this morning. I had already read Jas’s scan, but was thrilled to have the issue in my own hot little hands. I have already played extensively in photo editing with the full body shot featured in the mag. Now this . . . my word, but Thorin is—–stunning. Just—-stunning. They keep talking about Fili and Kili as the heartthrobs, forget the young’uns, give me the hot King Under the Mountain. Yowza!!!

  2. oh my. *gulp*

  3. Is this picture in the hard copy of EW?

  4. Yes it is. See the additional scans here:

  5. Must add that I adore Bilbo’s “Robe of Many Colors”…you know, Joseph and Dolly Parton. Too cute!

  6. It’s very tiny in the hardcopy version, sadly. Not that it escaped my attention, of course.;) I saw it and said, “Oh, please, let some iPad subscriber share this with us . . .”

  7. Thankfully, someone did share. I would’ve if I could get my durned Ipad to work. And if I was subscribed to EW. Next time. Maybe. :(

  8. Erm no, it’s from me. I bought the EW iPad version and the image plus one of Dwalin, Balin and Bilbo were exclusive extras on that version. I then tweeted it and it’s gone viral of course :)
    Check out the news here:

    Gorgeous picture and so different from the original Thorin pic. No prosthetics on his nose for example.

  9. I should have made that clear, Ali And thanks for sharing!

  10. Giving Ali a virtual hug! Thanks!

  11. Thanks so much, Ali. Had my fingers crossed someone who share and should have known it would be you. Yes, I thought the same about the nose. It certainly looks like our RA’s own distinctive aquiline nose. The beauty here is breathtaking. *sigh*

  12. but the eyebrows do seem a bit…bushier?

  13. WOO and HOO! Now, that’s what I’m talking about!

  14. He looks like a dwarf fresh back from a Caribean cruise… and I like it ;)

  15. :D GOOD LORD!!!

  16. Can you see me, how thrilled I am, that at last we( seemingly) get to see Thorin with most of RA’s original features???…….and he “wears” his beautiful own nose! He really looks stunning.*sigh*
    Thanks Ali and Frenzy for posting this picture!

  17. Move over, Kili & Fili – the king’s in the house! *Swoon*

  18. I just subscribed to EW and now regret not doing it months ago. But thanks to you wonderful ladies I have seen many versions of it! It made me quite breathless when I first saw it. It’s now on my desk top as well as making a printing it. How can I get any chores done now? *fans self*

  19. Obviously my thoughts are scrambled! That should read “. . . as well as printing one” !! He does tend to have that effect on one! ;)

  20. OMG! My heart is pounding! When I saw the email alert I thought you were referring to the full body shot of Thorin. But this…he is breathtakingly stunning. Just beautiful.

  21. Hold. The. Phone.

    I step away from the Internet for a few measly days for vacation, and all of a sudden, it’s Thorin-Armitage-Mania!

    Do you think one of these is lounging on the beach where I am right now? It seems that I could easily find one. Or two. Or three.

    Or did this one break the mold?

    (That’s rhetorical.)

  22. *wistful sigh*

  23. I tease a lot about fangirling, but that picture really did make me sigh. Someone slap me for admitting that.

    Gone to put the ocheemama tag on this one.

  24. Consider how many different versions I have done with various photo editing sites and software, I am obviously deep into fangurling at the moment. The masculine beauty really stuns. That, ladies and gents, is a STAR.

  25. If there was ever a picture that could incite fangirling, it’s that one. LOL! So glad I can make cracks here because if you all knew me in my “real life” no way I’m a fangirl. Not happenin’ LOL! Uh, that laugh might have come out a bit like a creepy cackle. Someone slap me. ;-)

  26. Trust me, Frenz, a lot of people who know me in RL would be astonished if they knew just what an effect RA has on me. i just don’t seem like the “type” whatever “the type” might be. LOL

  27. Obviously, he has that effect quite a few women. :D And if he doesn’t get ’em, Tom Hiddleston does. LOL!

  28. This picture is making even non-fangirls swoon! I can say that for sure as I sent it to a friend who previously just thought he was a very handsome guy. Now? Well let’s just say she finally gets what I’ve been talking about all these years. YAY! I’m in the same boat as Frenz and fedoralady as people wouldn’t just be astonished – they would be totally shocked if I ever admitted to the effect he has on me. Might my age have something to do with that I wonder? ;) To be honest, when it comes to him I don’t think age comes in to it. I’m sure he has admirers from 18 to 80!

  29. In order to answer the “is it his real nose” question, I have been watching some Guy fan videos and I think he still has a prosthetic widening the middle part of his nose and with a bit extra on the end as Thorin. Looks great, though.

  30. I just found this picture. Stunning, of couse. Thanks to whoever put it up. For me, RA has become the gold standard; everyone else is now only pleasantly ordinary. Thanks to all who have already commented. I know I’m not alone in my appreciation of the extraordinary, ever changing, ever surprising, ever captivating, work of art that is RA.

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