Wow! at New Artwork from ‘The Hobbit’

Seriously. That scroll display on Entertainment Weekly is awesome, and you all know how I hate to use the word awesome. This deserves the description.

[click for more]

bccmee has the panorama for download here.


  1. Oh. Wow. This just keeps getting better. How are we all going to manage all of this awesomness for the next…several months?!! Love the full scope of Thorin’s sword and that the right term?

    OK, for some reason when I pulled up your blog, it’s almost 5 times the usual size? Did I screw something up when I clicked the enlarge link for the scroll at TORn? Or maybe it’s an FBI conspiracy? LOL!

  2. Very cool. Such an exquisite world they’ve created. I look forward to seeing all that magnificent New Zealand scenery again. And dinner looks tasty. Think RA would mind if I joined the guys at the table? ;-)

  3. I knew EW would give us lots of goodies in connection with this film. Just beatufiul and love how Thorin is in foreground at Bag’s End. :D

  4. :D I’m so happy that I can’t stop smiling!

  5. Oh, man, and I forgot to scroll to the right on the first viewing. More awesomeness!! Yes!!!!

  6. Me too EEE! I think I gasped. Out loud. OK, y’all want to hear a 4 year olds fresh take??!!

    Just up from nap and wanting to cuddle as I sit madly racing all over the screen for THE scroll:

    Ooooo Meemaw…that’s a pretty lady (Galadriel)

    Ohh, look there’s a good guy. (yep you guessed it..Thorin in all his glory. See? We raise them right in this house!!)

    Ohhh, Meemaw that looks like a nice bear. I explained he looked scary but was really nice.

    Funny! Look! They’re in round things in the water. Can they swim?

    That guy looks scary. (Gollum)

    Oooo, see the cute little guy Meemaw? Is he a good guy or a bad guy? (Bilbo)

    We don’t have scary wolves like that do we? Our’s are nicer. (Sounds like we have a kennel of wolves in our backyard huh?! No, we don’t.)

    Is this a kid movie?!! I assured her it is altho it might have some scary parts. She assured me that it would be ok. I promised to take her. Score a 3 pointer for me!!!

    And then we spent the next 10 mins. talking about the pretty lady and looking up pics of her. She likes her hair.

    So there you have it…what you had been wondering all along…what would a 4 yr old think about The Hobbit.

    And sorry, Frenz…didn’t mean to hog space but it was a timely…and deep conversation that I knew you would appreciate!

  7. So incredible!

  8. NB, as long as you let me post an audio sometime of them singing “The Misty Mountains Cold,” I won’t hold it against you. :D

  9. Oh my, this is fabulous, love how Thorin is a dominant figure along with Gandalf. If it’s ever released as a poster, I want me one of them!

  10. I know it’s absolutely pathetic for me to bring this up, but do you guys think they kept changing Thorin’s nose? I see all of these photos, and some of them look more like RA with less of the nose action, like this one.

    (It’s a little scary to me that I’m actually asking this question. What is becoming of me????)

  11. Who knows what was going on when they were preparing these shots. But yeah, it looks like his real nose in later shots. As for the second question, are you sure you want me to answer that? :D

  12. Lovemrthornton…is it because they age him? I wonder if that first shot we know the one that “some” thought he looked like a Klingon…is Thorin on the journey as opposed to a younger Thorin, the EW shot, is used in flashbacks? Either that or they decided to go with less “nose action” in the whole thing? Heck I don’t know. But yeah, we’re getting scarier by the minute…note I said “we”.

    Frenz…we haven’t worked on “Misty Mountain”…yet. I’m sure they’ll love it tho. *getting out score paper and humming*

  13. @NovemberBride Maybe “they” saw the online comments about the nose early on and decided to allow him to sport the elegant aquiline profile instead.

    And @Frenz … that was completely rhetorical. We all know what has become of me. Give me a uniform, because I suppose I must finally admit I’m in the Army now. :-P

  14. The nose question. I think there’s a younger flashback Thorin and the older Thorin in most of the film, and that’s why he has more or less make-up or prosthetics. I may be totally wrong though, time will tell. .

  15. I think you might also have to take into account certain facial expressions will somewhat change the appearance of the nose, And in the tORN analysis they did point out the glamour shot of Thorin was clearly of a younger Thorin,sans the grey streaks and not yet wielding Orcrist. So maybe dwarf noses change with age? ;) And yeah, I do worry about us a little bit at times.

  16. I am so excited for this movie to be out already! Thorin looks spectacular and I just know that RA will be the stand-out star. I also just read that RA will be signing autographs at Comic Con. I cannot wait to hear the stories. I wonder how he lived this filming experience and I am wondering how he will live the oncoming publicity.

  17. and they just released THE KEY photo!!! Yay!!! I’ve been pining for this one for some time!!! This is a Monday to remember…as she walk back into her padded cell….

  18. I need that key.

  19. @gracie…what? to get into your cell? Or out? JK!! umm sorta.

    Ang, I worry about us a lot. Off and on. :)

  20. @NB to get into his house. WHat? That is not the key to his house?

  21. I think you all are probably right about the nose, but deadgum, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a nose get that thick with age. OF course he is a dwarf.

    Good to see you, Gracie.

  22. Re; the nose. I think they have realised how wonderfully photogenic Richard is & have let his beautiful features shine through. The grimness that Thorin displays will come from Richard’s expressions not via prosthetics.
    Now back to drooling……………..THUD!

  23. Is a growing nose akin to a growing “mustache” as a woman gets older?

    These are questions I ask myself when I can’t get to sleep.

    Thank you, that is all.

  24. LOL! @Heidi. You don’t even want to hear my thoughts about that.

    Regarding RA’s handsomeness, I’m having a hard time believing I ever thought he wasn’t nice looking. What was wrong with me?!

  25. And he’s just gotten better looking with age. Just more–manly and stately and —-yummy. He makes other guys look like wimpy girly men.

  26. If I grow a mustache after the age of 60, someone please murder me. And also if my nose grows like Thorin’s.

    RE Frenz’s comment about RA’s handsomeness …. I think the still shots from his movie when he was the creepy probation officer in the retro wardrobe *more than* excuses your past view that he was not attractive.

  27. But I didn’t see those until months after becoming an RA fan. It was Thornton who was the turnoff (ducks).

  28. Not Thornton the character, but Thornton from some of the stills. Of course this was all before I watched North and South.

  29. I agree — the stills of Thornton …

    (not Thorin — does anyone else but me think it’s a conspiracy that he plays characters with similar names? John Porter, John Thornton, Thornton, Thorin …)

    …. the stills of Thornton look too much like a young Abe Lincoln, albeit a more handsome Abe Lincoln …. but when you see something that reminds you of a national monument, it kills the sex drive.

    There, I said it.

  30. LOL! Yeah.

    It was his pointy ears and rather large head that looked odd in the stills. There now I’ve said it. :D *ducks again*

  31. Since this is True Confession Night…the cover for N&S sucked. And I have NEVER said that!!

  32. I think we can agree the photographer who shot the Thornton stills did not do RA any favors.

  33. Whoever put that together was blind or jealous. :D

  34. but look at him now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  35. Can’t keep a good man down. *ba dmp*

  36. You guys keep making fun of his Spock-like ears and large head.

    I’ll take him off your unappreciative hands and kiss his face off!

    Change my name to Margaret, and I’m good to go.


  37. Oh, no, no, I’ve gotten over the large head and pointy ears. Wait. That didn’t come out right.

  38. LOVE every single inch of it!!!
    I’ve split the scroll into 10 parts and tweeted those pics up, if anyone wants to use them, feel free ;)

  39. *split (not spilt)

  40. If we’re seeing a younger Thorin and an older Thorin, I wonder if they’re going to do a flashback to the battle where he got the name Oakenshield? I’d love that!

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