I Finally Had a Richard Armitage Dream

Yep, I finally had a dream about Richard Armitage. Oh yeah, of course I did. ;-)

Last night I was dreaming I went to Comic-Con with hopes of seeing Richard there. In the dream, I envisioned myself interviewing people with an eye toward maybe seeing our guy. Heather, laden with camera equipment, was also with me and we were there trying to do our job — bringing reports and pictures to the fans. Then I woke up a couple of hours ago, and I really was there. :D

Seriously, awhile back I was invited by TheOneRingnet to come to Comic-Con, and thankfully, really was able to bring Heather with me. I want to take this opportunity to thank Larry Curtis for the invitation, and we will do our best to report as much as possible. Heather and I are also doing work for some other sites, and I can’t tell you how good it feels to do something you love as a job!

For those who read this blog, I will be over at TORn, so check there for reporting, and I may get over here some when I can. We’ll see. Right now the whole experience is surreal, and I’m trying to process exactly what is happening! But I adore a challenge, so stay tuned! :D

Note: I ask that you all understand I am not RAFrenzy this week, or should I say RAFrenzied. LOL! Tolkien and the creativity he inspires has put my imagination in overdrive. I told you all awhile back that I was going to do something else in the future, and I am. Creativity is a big part of that. But no worries. I will get pictures of Richard Armitage if I can get into Hall H and anything I get will be posted as part of TORn’s coverage.


  1. Waiting to see what happens! Can’t wait! :-)

  2. When is the cast scheduled to fly into San Diego? I agree with the Eagle here — can’t wait to hear the end of this story! GOOD LUCK!

  3. Thanks!

    To those who have sent me notes about my absence, now you know why. I have been traveling to Cali and getting up to speed on what I will be doing. More later.

  4. Well, you KNOW we’ll be here, waiting with baited breath. or is it bated breathe? Anyways, so excited for you and Heather. Tell Thorin we said “Hey!”. :)

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  6. I’m simply thrilled that you and Heather got to go to Comic Con! I hope you have the time of your lives.

  7. Haha! And here I was worried you’d fallen into an abandoned well, or been eaten by a bear, or squashed to jelly by a large troll! ;) Congrats on an amazingly cool opportunity! Now go find our man!! XD

  8. “awesome”! ;). I can’t wait to hear what you have to share

  9. eeeeeep! :) it stinks to be up in Long Beach, knowing this is all happening mere hours from me and I can’t be there. Living vicariously through you!

  10. Hip Hip Hurray!:D

  11. Fantastic news. Cannot wait to hear the stories. I also hear that it can be a crazy and fantastic experience. I have always loved a little crazy so I am really excited for you. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you get up close and personal with RA. But please do not ask him about the circus! lol

  12. Good Luck!

  13. And I am very happy for you and us!

  14. Now this is news to cheer us up!

  15. YAY!!! :)

  16. How cool! Go Frenz and Heather!

  17. So good! You’ll both do a great job!

  18. What a wonderful opportunity! Good luck with spotting Richard and have a fabulous time – looking forward to reading all about it. Cheers!!

  19. Squee!

  20. So glad you and Heather are there together to share the experience. You are both good representatives as you are smart, witty, and talented. Try to resist squealing and jumping up and down in a circle until you get back to your hotel room!:) Don’t know that I could make it! Have a great time!

  21. I’ve added a note to my piece. I want you all to understand that I am at Comic-Con first and foremost as a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien. My new crush, if you will. :D

  22. Even if you have a new crush, you can pay some attention to the old crush (out of habit, if nothing more). I’m happy for you. Have a marvelous time.

  23. Congrats!!!! Have the best time ever! ;D

  24. Wishing you both a lovely time!

  25. Frenz,
    I am thrilled that you have this once on a lifetime opportunity.You’re a gifted writer and I am looking forward to reading your reports!!

  26. Woohoo Frenzy, what great news!!!!! I’m sure you and Heather will have a great time there!!!! :-)

  27. Speaking as one who has been a Tolkein fan since her very young days and been inspired by him since her teens, I commend you on your new crush! Well picked ;)

  28. So thrilled to hear this. Have a wonderful time!

  29. How exciting! Will look for your TORn reports with great anticipation. Hope you can get into the Hobbit panel, if it’s an option, should be amazing. Have a great time!

  30. Awesome! Have fun! :D

  31. Late to the party as usual! Just caught up on *ALL* the news!! I could have guessed since I spotted you as Frenz on TORn awhile back. Congrats & have fun in Tolkien geek land! I’ve watched one live stickam’s of TORn but missed the panel one & any chance you could wave for the camera?? LOL

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