Joy in the Morning

It’s really hard to keep from making most of my posts about music. I never did start that music blog, but I am working on something that will incorporate my passion for it. At present there is quite a massive file of pieces waiting to be published on that site, and I was going to save this as well, but Stephen Fry tweeted about it this morning, and I just can’t help myself:

Another one that gives me joy and thanks to The Queen for turning me on to these guys:

They are the personification of a class act. Is that redundant? Oh heck I don’t care! Be sure to watch this one in full screen, and if you can, try it on a tv. I’ve seen it on a large screen. Epic. I hope you also check out their YouTube channel and site. You will be in for a treat.

Yeah, this one gets the Richard Armitage tag ’cause I would be shocked if he doesn’t love this too. :D


  1. I’m also partial to this one:

    and the scenery in the ending is exactly what it looks like where I live. I’m sitting in my bedroom typing this, and I can turn my head and look out the window to see it.

  2. If there were more FlashMob’s like this, the world would be a happier place. You can’t tell me EVERYONE who saw and heard this did not have a great day!

  3. Hey, Julie!

    Yeah, there’s something there to learn about joy, and I’m learning it. More coming up but on the other site. :D

  4. I adore that Ode to Joy flashmob–especially the way the little kids are dancing around.
    And the other one is great, too–incredible location.

  5. Julie, I was thinking the same thing. The flashmob phenomenom of recent years has been a beautiful thing. Wish one would appear in this city. A government city? – du-uh! Not too likely.. :(

    These were both lovely vids, Frenz.

  6. I love these uplifting musical surprises of culture. One of my favorites is the Phila Opera Company taking over the downtown Macy’s by storm here:

  7. I’m so happy you posted these! I think I first found them on FB a couple of weeks ago and the Ode to Joy one just blew me away and no matter how many times I watch it, it still moves me to tears. The two kids who impressed me most were the little girl who stood close by the players right from the get-go and the girl in pink who very agilely climbed the lamppost to watch and later “conducted” from her perch holding on with one arm. Don’t anyone ever say that music doesn’t move people! I’m sure those people who watched and listened would in those moments have forgotten any burdens they might have been carrying and felt uplifted!

    Btw – I also adore the Piano Guys having played the cello at one time! I believe Richard would love all three of these videos. Maybe once he gets home (whenever that might be) he would be tempted to drag out his cello again!! :)

  8. Teuchter, I’m glad you brought up the point about the children’s reactions to the music. One thing that has really saddened me about cuts to our public education system is the cuts to music programs. Music is treated as a luxury anymore, and sports programs get all of the money, ironically. I guess I couldn’t help waxing a little on this … Even though my child is a solid monotone, I do everything I can to expose him to music and encourage him with piano lessons, etc. It’s part of the very fabric of our souls and is being woefully neglected with this generation of children, I fear.

  9. Thanks, lovemrthornton! It breaks my heart when I hear of music programs being cut in schools. That goes totally in the face of studies which show conclusively that children who play musical instruments do better in academic subjects. SO shortsighted! I’m thankful that the schools my younger granddaughters attend still have bands they can play in!

    Are you by any chance familiar with Gareth Malone? If not, check him out on YT to see what he does with kids and adults alike in the UK to encourage them to sing! Brilliant!

  10. That’s great! I’ll check into him, thanks.

    This year I moved my child to a private school and in order to pay the tuition, I also moved the two of us back in with my mother. I felt like it was that important to improve the educational environment for him. His new school has a very robust musical program, and he is in year 3 of piano lessons. The interesting thing is that reading music and understanding rhythms helps him a LOT with mathematics. It’s fascinating.

    I’ll definitely check into the YT links, thanks for those!

  11. And it makes perfect sense as piano is based on a mathematical construct. I love that about it!

  12. Yeah, pardon me for doing the “mom bragging thing,” but I need to share this … as you know, he has Asperger’s Syndrome. The piano is really calming for him.

    But we stopped lessons for about four months last year because he wouldn’t practice. Suddenly, I heard him playing the piano more regularly. And then I realized what was happening. He wasn’t “practicing” in the atypical fashion. What he does … he takes the music and sits down on the couch and studies it for about 30 minutes. Just sits there in silence. Then he puts the book down on the couch … marches over to the piano … sits down … and plays it from memory.

    When I realized that he does not “practice” in the typical way (i.e., sit down and bang out the notes until you get it right), I decided to sign him up for lessons again this fall. I just have to work with him to understand music in the way that his mind absorbs it.

    All this is to say … so much value comes from music. I just wish the educational system would see it. :-(

  13. Brag away!! I was really interested to read about your son as my niece’s son has Asperger’s. One of his “things” is aircaft and his knowledge on this subject (and many others) is unbelievable. Good thing his dad is a pilot! When I’m in his company I feel like I’m with a walking encylopedia!

  14. That’s so funny! I need to connect with you on Twitter to talk about this some more.

    Yes, Asperger’s kiddos are called, “Little Professors” because they immerse themselves in a subject and just like you described, are walking encyclopedias. It’s always interesting to meet people who have these special kids & compare notes!

    But back to the MUSIC and the pink elephant in the room:

    RA plays a cello.

    How hot is that?

    I need a moment, thank you.

  15. That is so cool about your son!

  16. When I first heard Peponi, I could not stop listening to it, and I find myself there again today. :D

  17. Sadly I’m not on Twitter (at least not yet!) but perhaps if you contact Frenz she will give you my email address.

  18. I’ll send her an email about it now to connect us, Teuchter, thanks!

  19. Done!

  20. Thank you for posting, makes me see how much I miss sons 2 and 3 practicing the violin and viola. Last year they both decided to give up. As for music programs this one is great, it gave every child the chance to play a string instrument even if they could not afford the fees. They where also willing to work with children with disabilities. Son 3 has Austism and because son 2 played the violin he also wanted to play too. He chose the viola and did a great job, but when son 2 was calling it quits he did also. Son 2 still plays the trumpet, and the community that I am in gives to support the music programs in our schools. The strings program is only the 2nd one in my state to give lessons for free to all who can’t pay. The first one is in our state capital city. We are in a very small town. Sad really on how much is missed. Music has sure helped with those grades also.

  21. Teuchter talk about a walking encyclopedia, son 3 who has austism can tell us all about World War Two like no other so far his teachers have been amazed at all he knows. I can’t wait for high school. His classmates tell us how smart he is. He can also draw very well too. It is amazing how the brain works.

  22. ahhh MUSIC!!! My first love. Almost. Which reminds me. I need to go practice since I haven’t touched the peenanner since last Sunday!

    Loved the flash mob..that was a new one for me. I saw the Macy’s one a good while back…made me teary it was just so invigorating!!

    And then The Piano Guys…y’all should go to YouTube and subscirbe to their channel. Lots and lots of good music! They also have a FB page with all sorts of updates.

  23. Thanks so much for the post and all of the interesting comments! I’ve been on YT for over an hour!

  24. Had to share this flash mob too… I’d love to see this on the Metro!

  25. Thank you for sharing VoceVivace! One more to add to my collection! Peer Gynt is such a moving piece of music. I noticed it made at least one person quite emotional.

  26. I LOVE the piano guys! :) I’ve seen Jon Schmidt (the pianist) perform several times and would love to see he and Paul perform together in the future!

    (Frenz, I replied to your email.)

  27. I was introduced to The Piano Guys by a co-worker who is Mormon. I understand from him that they are Mormon and that they get some support from the church, which he says has a high regard for artistic pursuits. That’s not a side of Mormonism you often hear about. Anyway, I think they are amazing and I don’t understand how they can afford the production values they get. My favorite thing of theirs is this Darth Vader parody:

    Flash mobs, yes! Love them.

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