Black Sky Fun

A couple of weeks ago I was planning on having a naming contest for the then as yet unnamed tornado project. UTP sounded like an infection, and my control freak wanted to come with a remedy. But alas, the makers of the film have decided it shall be ‘Black Sky,’ which does sound interesting.

Not to be defeated, I’ve decided to have a contest for a tagline for said ‘Black Sky.’ Just for fun. It’s not on yet but hopefully soon.

In the meantime, I asked Todd Garner if he would provide a signed t-shirt or poster for the winner. But I understand from him that I need to ask Warner Brothers. If I’m not successful, never fear. I already have a prize lined up:

Do I need a fake fan letter to Todd? Oh, yeah.

Dear Todd,

You have been so much fun. Thank you for that!

This letter is to also tell you how much I would love to change the picture above to an RA signed ‘Black Sky’ t-shirt or poster. I’m not picky. And I was even willing to ask openly with the possibility of your thinking I’m a nut. Well, I am a nut, but damn man, it’s fun.

Off to talk to WB.

One of Richard’s crazy fans

PS. Can’t wait for “Here Comes the Boom.”

T-shirt courtesy of the lovely people at TheOneRingnet.

Disclaimer: t-shirt will be sans buttons


  1. “UTP sounded like an infection” AHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I AGREE!!!!!

  2. Cool! I’ve got some ideas for a tag line already.

  3. Whatever you have, keep it under your hat until it’s time. :D

  4. Tell Todd Garner to tell RA to get a twitter account and show him how to use it!!!!

  5. Patty!!! LOL!

  6. I’m happy the competition won’t involve thinking of a title for RA’s tornado movie, as I’ve come up with one. Unfortunately it would feature the word ‘blow’ and I’m pretty sure I’d get censored and kicked off your blog ;)

  7. Yep, it’s a party, and to date, I have never kicked anyone off of my blog., i.e., never omitted a comment (spammers notwithstanding). .Just sayin’. :D

  8. Or banned an ip. Not sure I can always say that, but I can still say it after 2+ years.

  9. […] Frenz plans a contest with a prize many fans will want to have. […]

  10. Patty, I was struck blind when I read these comments earlier. You might not know it, but I’m in the camp who says, “Richard, don’t get on Twitter!”

    Of course after the last few days, Todd Garner might be leaning on RA to get his own account to deal with the nuts his fans. :D

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