Richard Armitage is Not a Movie Star

It’s true. He’s not a movie star yet, and if he never becomes a movie star, he’s already something much better. He’s an excellent person. Do I sound like I have a severe case of CWS? You might get that impression, but I have to say that his grace and aplomb to meet all of these fans while he’s busy working on ‘Black Sky’, and then each of them coming away being enthralled with his character is quite something.

And I just read another account. Yes, that’s what prompted this gushing, and I AM NOT ashamed. :D

August 28, 2012

OMG, I met Richard today!

Third Times the Charm … Squeeeeee!

After 2 failed attempts to meet Richard at the Oakland University site, today was a success. Terry (OH) and I went to downtown Pontiac this morning since I read they were filming Black Sky there and even building their own set on Main Street. After driving around the area, we finally found a friendly guard who told us where they were filming and, incredibly, even where we could park, which was right across the street from the ‘action’ and only 40’ from the actors’ trailers.

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  1. He just keeps impressing me as a terrific gentleman. Handling everything with class, grace, good humor and good manners. Mrs. A, you must be so proud of your boy!

    I am loving how all these husbands are really supporting their wives’ attempts to meet Richard–making signs, asking for photos and autographs . . . well done, fellas, well done. :D

  2. Why should you be ashamed? Gush away!!! Thank you so much for sharing this. Once again the man blows me away and for SO many reasons.:)

  3. *Sigh!* How lovely! I can’t wait to read more of these Armitage encounters. All those lucky enough to meet him are now members of C.E.A.K. (Close Encounters of the Armitage Kind)!

  4. It’s stunning ,and I”m pretty damn jaded.

    Teuchter, we need to get you on Twitter!

  5. Frenz, I don’t know whether Mr. A wants to be a movie star, or whether it is a step toward acting independence. I like what I read and what fans and colleagues say about him. He seems rather nice in RL. Perhaps it is natural to him to be a “people pleaser”, but courtesy doesn’t ever come amiss, do you think?

  6. We cross posted, Phylly. Or how about C.A.R.E. (Close Amazing Richard Encounters)? :D

  7. Looking at the picture of him with Suzi again, is it just me or is there just a little hint of stubble there? I’d love to think so.;)

  8. fitz, you’re next for Twitter. You and Teuchter are missing out :D

    Yeah, I could care less if he’s a movie star or not except that whatever happens I hope it helps him. I have wondered about the people pleasing. I tend to think he’s that way, but he has a helluva work ethic, so I don’t think he’s going to let the tendency to please get in the way of getting his job done. I could be wrong but that’s my feeling on it. He’s done pretty well so far! Sadly, he’ll have to pull back from fans eventually. No way around that.

  9. Wow.

    That guy is so cool that he’s going to stop global warming.

  10. I’m hoping to get an iPhone very soon so I might take the plunge and join Twitter once I have it. Hopefully I’ll be brave and smart enough to handle them! :D Don’t forget you are dealing with an old lady here!!

  11. Love, love, love this story! RA is truly a gentleman and a wonderful person. :) So happy it worked out for you – persistence pays off!

  12. Gush away I certainly am! Could he be any nicer, a true gent. Just when I think I couldn’t love him anymore…I do!
    Stunning pic too ♥

  13. Pretty incredible except I know it happened.

    Fitz, no, no, no, quit saying that. You will do great!

  14. He’s an absolute doll, no doubt about it. Classy. And handsome to boot!

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Frenz!

  15. Are y’all still trying to wrap your heads around the comment, “I’m not a movie star,” because I’m still thinking about that one with my jaw on my foot.

    I think this guy really may be Harry Kennedy in real life. Completely floored.

  16. Frenz thank you. This encounters are something out of this world! lucky ladies, and thank you so much for letting all of us know him a little bit more. I never consider my self a fan of any actor before though I admire their work, but now I am completly taken by RA! Thanks again…

  17. My mouth was gaping at that too. I think you’re right about Harry. :)

  18. That nice “aww-shucks” boy next door who just happens to be incredibly good looking and exceptionally talented, too. How can you possibly not love him?

  19. Geez, I don’t want to gush about the whole thing, but holy cow. That comment all by itself put butterflies in my stomach.

  20. That comment definitely sent me over the edge.

  21. And if I’m being manipulated, can I have more of it? :D

  22. It’s just heart-warming, all the way around. Now more than ever, I really want this guy to make it big after The Hobbit is released.

  23. What a nice guy that Richard is. What else is there to say, I am for once lost for words.

  24. The more I think about this the more I’m genuinely impressed. He had zero obligation to come meet Suzi as presumably Crystal passed on that she said that he was too busy. Instead he chose to chase after them! 

    A truly decent bloke. I’m impressed. 

  25. Exactly the point. He did not have to do this. Now comes my jaded self kicking in. I can’t stand it, but it won’t leave me alone:

    He gets enough of these wonderful experiences with fans and we are firmly in his camp, and then he can pull back. And really, he’ll be justified because some idiot fans will push it too far. Someone slap me. Seriously, I hate that I think this way. Sadly, this is exactly what’s going to happen because he won’t have a choice when he becomes a huge star. Slap me now.

  26. I volunteer to slap you! Naughty, girl, you must be punished for those bad words.

    Hey, Fitzg, Frenz eventually talked me into joining the Twitter madness….whoops, did I say that? And now I’m totally addicted.

    And if I can do it, (Teuchter, are you reading this.too?) ANY ONE CAN

  27. Kathryn. Welcome to the Dark Side. What’s your Twitter handle, Dude?


  28. Heidi, I’m in hiding from Twitter – Snicker’s Mom sounded really mean! LOL. It’s @livinlovindoll

  29. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! LOL! Gotcha! You’re hysterical.


  30. Quick Question for Suzie: Do you think, if you hadn’t turned around, he MIGHT POSSIBLY have said “Look back at me”?

  31. ROFL!!!!!


    (That’s my sermon for the day. But you knew I would say that already, AwkCeleb, didn’t you? :-D

  32. Reading you loud and clear Kathryn! Trying to pluck up my courage! One day, one day! :)

  33. I’m only teasing you and you know it, dear Teuchter!

    But I must warn you in advance – it very soon becomes addictive. If you’re anything like me (which I sincerely hope you’re NOT), you get caught up on Twitter and, before you know it, 3 or 4 hours have passed and you’d only recently said you were going to spend less time on the PC! LOL.

    So watch that Frenz – she’s very convincing when it comes to talking us into things!

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