I Can’t Believe It

Our own Judiang has also had an encounter with Richard Armitage. This is almost too much!

Go read it! Here

note: I now have a new tag called “meeting Richard”


  1. Thanks for the shout out. You’re as bad as I am. :D

  2. I couldn’t resist. :D

  3. Just what I need an ear worm at this hours! LOL

  4. Oh you naughty bunnies! ;)

  5. You guys crack me up!

  6. Thanks for the link RAFrenzy. ;-)

  7. I wonder how many will ‘fess up to being Rick Rolled. :D

  8. YOU!….YOU!…#^#$&@#!!!. :D

  9. Just trying to make sure you’re awake.

  10. Bwahaha!

  11. OMFG NO WAI!! :O

    (I’m totally behind on blog reading again, aren’t I?)

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