Tangent — In Other News, Burning Man is On This Week

Burning Man fascinates me. Years ago SO and I talked about going. We never made it, but it’s still intriguing. And all the supposed mystical, weird, drugged out “hippy shit” aside, I would just love to go and watch. Yeah, I’m that curious. If you don’t know what Burning Man is, I don’t really know either except vicariously. A write-up here to explain it a little more and one which I’ve saved for the last three years.

I have much more to say about Burning Man, but it won’t be on this blog.


  1. Very interesting all these tangents and shared stories of sweet encounters… Are you stalling? Because I’m still waiting for your Comicon piece. :) STOP TORTURING ME, FRENZ!!!

  2. Thanks for the link! I think FunkyblueD blog is where I first heard about it – I would love to go – not because the nekkid men on drugs but for the creative talent and organizational force to run such an event. I’ve participated in alternative health conferences / summer camps the collective spirit is always so inspiring and yes it does attract a whole range of people you wouldn’t necessarily meet on a regular basis :)

  3. Kali, Bear with me a little longer! :)

    Iz, I’m not surprised FunkyD would talk about it. KIndred spirits. :D

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