Forget Richard Armitage

If you’re like me, you’ve been wanting to get in someone’s head other than Richard’s the last few days. Oh, you never want to get in Richard’s head? I guess this isn’t directed at you. :D Or maybe I’m the only one who is wondering what Todd Garner is thinking about all these women on the ‘Black Sky’ set. Notice I left out the men. LOL! Don’t get me wrong. I have loved hearing the stories. Absolutely loved it, and I think we’re all falling in love with RA all over again. Thank you, ladies for sharing!! And then there’s Todd himself or whoever runs his Twitter account being such a good sport. But I can’t stop wondering what Garner is really thinking about the “Army” showing up? No, don’t give me any bullshit about some of these people not being part of the Army. It doesn’t matter what they consider themselves, they’re Army according to the arbiter of the term (see that linked piece if you’re unsure, and it will also help you understand why the men coming to the set don’t count).

Unless we’re just being left in the dark about some bad behavior, Todd has to know the ladies of the Armitage Army are pretty nice. At least that’s always been my experience whenever I’ve had any interaction with them in cyberworld or away from it, and I know I appreciate that very much. Certainly, there are some nutty people in this world, and of course the media loves to make a spectacle of the Army, but really, what can they say about us other than we really, really like Richard and we (not me but enough of you) send him presents and make graphics (no, I don’t do that either) and videos (afraid to start doing that as I may never stop) and run websites (guilty of that big time) to show our appreciation. I mean how bad can that be? Okay, so we like to see him in person too. But damn! that so many actors when they’re still not well known should garner (sorry I couldn’t help myself) that kind of devotion.

Richard Armitage is just so nice and has that fantastic work ethic, Garner probably doesn’t care about visitors as long as it doesn’t interfere with shooting. Then again, the news media has kept us well apprised of all of the locations, which wouldn’t happen without the production staff notifying them, and Garner seems to love that we’re reveling in this. I hope it lasts.

And Dear Todd,

If I haven’t fawned said this enough, let me say again, “Thank you for the picture!”

It is a stretch to think of Richard Armitage as a Oklahoma school teacher, but I’m sure his performance will convince me. Can’t wait!

One of Richard’s crazy fans who can’t make it to Michigan :D

Photo courtesy of Todd Garner. Imagine that!


  1. I think that Todd Garner is a pretty smart guy. Your relatively unknown star already has built-in and very supportive fan base? A little sucking up isn’t a bad thing. LOL No such thing as bad publicity.

  2. Yep! LOL!

  3. HAHA! GREAT post.

    I still think Todd Garner needs to move the entire production to CENTRAL. KENTUCKY. We have LOTS OF THUNDERSTORMS here.

    *cough cough*

    He’s a great sport, that Todd. My current Hero du Jour.

  4. Agree with you all 100% As they any publicity is good publicity!

  5. That letter sounds a lot like how my brain’s been feeling recently, nice :D

  6. You go, girl! I logged on only a little while ago. The first thing I see on Twitter is that it appears our Frenz has gotten herself an interview with Todd Garner. Yippee. I’m sooo pleased for you!

  7. You know I want to get into Peter Jackson’s head, don’t you? I’ve always been an admirer of his. Doesn’t he have the GTG (good taste gene) for casing our dear Richard?

    And Steven King and Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas also have wonderful brains in their respective heads.

    And maybe James Cameron – seeing he made “Avatar”. But I wasn’t keen on “Titantic” – probably the only person in the world!!! LOL. Ah well…ya just can’t please all of the people all of the time

  8. I like that GTG.

  9. Hahaha!
    I bet he’s dreaming about his own Todd Garner Garrison!;)

  10. […] It’s seems that Frenz had bagged an interview with Todd Garner. […]

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