Oh Yeah, a Boring Day on Set

Todd Garner is a character but my kind of character. :D

Richard Armitage as the Oklahoma Teacher Dude in Black Sky:

Photo courtesy of Todd Garner of course.


  1. Oh my gosh.

    Do you think the Catholic church will allow us to nominate Todd Garner for sainthood?

    *bows reverently to the Movie Producer Guy*

  2. He is looking none the worst for the wear, thank goodness!

  3. OMG — thanks to you and Todd Garner. Mr. Garner clearly knows we’re out here and well nigh insatiable, if polite about it.

  4. Tell them girl,
    It’s raining (the) man, Hallelujah! :0)

  5. Just the chaser I needed after the angst over the cyber security exec. order.

  6. Yummy!! Too good looking to be a teacher though.

  7. Reblogged this on Well, There You Go … and commented:
    It’s RAining …:)
    Thanks, Frenz and dear, dear Todd Garner!!!

  8. Thanks for the reblog, Zan! and now I really, really need to get some work done! This is so tempting. :D

  9. SO exciting and such a great way to start the week!! Isn’t Todd Garner just lovely? I think Richard looks fantastic – even when wet. ;)

  10. *thud*

  11. Richard Armitage looks especially spectacular when wet. ;) Actually, I have known a few very good-looking teachers, Kaprekar, one band director in particular, but of course, they weren’t quite in the same league as our RA. But then who is?? :D

  12. Thanks Frenz and Mr.Garner!.:)
    Who is better than Richard Armitage?….wet Richard Armitage! :D

  13. Giggles, Joanna! Now I’ll have to update my RA wet characters slideshow that I posted last month to add “Gary” to it. RA is my lap swim visualization tool. Ha!


  14. I’m about to reveal my obsessive compulsive side … but it is REALLY BUGGING ME that his wrist watch is getting wet!

    Someone hand the poor man a towel.

  15. Glad to see RA escaped from the pile of debris in a previous post you did. Can’t wait to hear what our hero does with an American accent.

  16. How come I never had a teacher look that good? I would have studied all night to get an A in his class. I am thinking a history teacher maybe.
    Wet never looked so good!

  17. I was staring at his face and hand so much that at first I missed the tear near the knee of his trousers/pants and that he appears to be kneeling on his right knee! Now if I just look a little longer . . . . no knowing what I might spot! BTW, I’m sure the watch has to be waterproof! :)

  18. LOL Eagle Eye! At least in this pic he was easy to find!!?

  19. His crinkles still work! Soooo yummy, thank you Todd Garner and Frenz!

  20. I was instantly worried about the watch as well! Hope it is waterproof. Also glad to see that apparently they haven’t attacked him with Botox injections yet and that the crinkles are intact. It almost looks like the prosthetic forehead Thorin had in the beginning! And count me as another one who thinks that being a teacher and being handsome is not mutually exclusive. I had a few teachers that were handsome enough for my taste.

  21. Great pic, thanks RAFrenzy for sharing it.

    I wonder if the watch is waterproof ? lol

  22. Re: handsome teachers. I’m married to one.

  23. @Beverly — I agree! One of my old boyfriends is a middle school teacher, and he’s a smoking hot double for Steve McQueen, plus a Southern gentleman to boot. :-D

    I just think the “Gary” moniker takes away from the hotness factor, but having said that, we ARE talking RA, so … we’ll all walk out of the theater mumbling to ourselves, “What was that hot Oklahoma teacher’s name again?”

  24. So, lovemrthornton, you’re quite confident we will still be capable of actually “walking” out of the theatre after watching him on the big screen for at least an hour or more?? :D We may have to be carried out if there is any romance (fingers crossed)! Just pray we don’t have to be “escorted” out for bad behaviour!! ;)

  25. LOL!


    I am not confident at all.


    Look, all I’m gonna say is, I don’t care if his name is Gary. But if this tornado blockbuster turns into a Nicholas Sparks sob fest over some poor widower losing his life rescuing his son … I’m hunting Todd Garner down. This thing better not make me cry. Nothing is worse than a crying Heidi.

  26. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Say it isn’t so!! Surely Todd wouldn’t be that cruel!! I’m not sure I could handle yet another RA “death” even though we know all of his chaRActers have SND status. We want at least to leave the theatre with our hearts intact and shedding only tears of joy that his son is safe and he “got the girl”!!

  27. I don’t knooooooooooooooooooooooooow ……

    He WAS lacking a HEAD in that photo of the pile of wood.

  28. LOL!! Made me think of the “a head” joke at the end of VoD before they left for their honeymoon! :)

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