Oklahoma Teacher Dude aka Gary

So now we have a name for Richard Armitage’s new character in Black Sky.

Wait?! Gary means John in Esperanto? Nooooo! :D

A big thank you to Gratiana for asking the question.

And now I really have to get some work done!


  1. “Gary means John in Esperanto” Dying Laughing!!!!! :-D

  2. Giggles! I owe Todd Garner hot mulled cider. Ha!

  3. And so appropriate after looking at that picture.

  4. Hahahahahahha!!! This blog isn’t healthy for my heart. Gary, I really hope his surname is better. No offence to all the Garys out there!

  5. Now I’m thinking of Gary Cooper. ;)

  6. I’m working on a blog post for the surname ideas I have. Ha!

  7. @Sheepa, if most here can handle it, you can handle it LOL!

    @fedoralady, somehow I knew you would salvage the name Gary. No offense to anyone who has a significant other named Gary. :D

    @Gratiana, Your instincts were so good about Greg. He really did look like a Greg! I look forward to what you have for the last name. :D

  8. Honestly? First thing I thought of when I heard of “Gary” was Spongebob’s sidekick. ROTFLOL!! I do crack myself up! Trying to picture Gary with Gary…..somebody slap me.

  9. He did look like a Greg didn’t he? Oh well! I guess Gary will grow on us like the beard did – well some of us at least! No – I didn’t mean we grew…………….you know what I mean! :D

  10. That’s why I keep coming back Frenz, can never have too much of something good :)

  11. Sorry, but he looks more like a Greg than a Gary to me. Here he would be nicknamed Gaz or Gazza!

  12. Gaz goes well with Mezz don’t you think? :) I mean no disrespect to anyone, but when I read the name Gazza the word “strip” came immediately to mind! I know, I’m bad!

  13. Great, Richard’s name in “Black sky” is Gary. Luckily, it’s not a John again, lol.

    Thanks to Gratiana for asking the question. :-)

  14. That is really too funny! No escaping being a John then!

  15. […]  Though his fans love love love all of Mr. Armitage’s John characters.  However on Frenz’s blog, someone suggested that Gary means John in Esperanto.  Ha!  So maybe RA has just increased his […]

  16. […] Oklahoma Teacher Dude aka Gary […]

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