Dear Sir Peter, We Need to Talk

September 15, 2012

Dear Sir Peter,

It occurred to me sometime yesterday that The Hobbit premiere is only three months away. If you have a schedule like mine, which I suspect you do, three months is about a week and a half from now. Not much time to make plans. New York is already on my itinerary for December due to two very compelling reasons and neither being about The Hobbit nor Richard Armitage. But if there will be a New York premiere, it would be great to make my visit coincide. I only have one problem. I don’t know when the hell it is, or if it is. Perhaps I shouldn’t use such strong language, but I can’t help myself.

I have even done a little research concerning past premieres hoping to find a pattern. I don’t have a lot of time to do things like this. It’s scary what I have let slide to look all of this up. And to no avail. It seems there may not have been a premiere in New York for the last Lord of the Rings movie. The only real thread of hope there might be one this time is a comment from Sir Ian about premieres in London, New York, Berlin and Tokyo. But then my anal self starts wondering what he means by the word premiere. It does seem to get confused with the word release. I just don’t know what to think, and I was hoping you might be able to help.

Yes, I know it’s Warner Brothers’ responsibility to handle these things. Pardon me if I don’t buy that bullshit. No, no, I didn’t mean to say that. I shouldn’t say that. :D I know you’re busy, and the studio is the one to handle all of this tedium while you’re getting the movie ready. I was just hoping you might have some pull with them about getting a New York premiere scheduled. And if I could make it to New Zealand in November, I would, but I don’t have a spare several thousand lying around and will have to pass. So I need your help with the New York date, and I hope you’re not offended by my passion to attend. LOL! Yes, that’s a bit of a maniacal laugh, which I hope you ignore or maybe not.

One of Richard Armitage’s crazy fans who also has a soft spot for a certain Kiwi director with wild hair

P.S. I apologize again for calling you Mister.

Yep, it’s a fake fan letter, and I’m putting this note here for those who think this is real. No, it’s not real. No, that’s not completely true. I would like to know if there is a premiere in New York and when it may be, but I seriously doubt my venting here will make it appear. Nice to dream about, but I’m not that delusional — yet. LOL!

And in the interest of fairness, I have to say a little something about one of my compelling reasons. She is my second born, and the only child I have not written about on this blog. She is also the only one who took the time to ferret out the blog’s location and then informed me how happy she was I am anonymous as well as making sure I knew she was the child who had not had a post. “Yeah, I see where I stand with you, Mom. No post for me huh? LOL!” Okay, so here it is, Lou (no, that’s not her real name).

But first a picture:

The girl with the wicked sense of humor.

Okay, another picture:

That was taken as part of a documentary she worked on doing stills for them.

And one more (see, you got three pictures when the others got two or less):

Third from the right, and the girl who knows no fear except of the vacuum cleaner or dishwasher. :D I’ll give her a pass on that since she is such a great student and just a great kid. I would describe her, but she is a bit indescribable and the reason I hadn’t mentioned her yet. Enigma is the word most often associated with her, and oftentimes the comment, “Lou is just being Lou,” is heard amongst family and friends.

For those interested in my research on premiere dates, it’s below, and if I have an error or have missed something, please let me know. Thanks.


Fellowship of the Ring

Wide release in U.S. — December 19, 2001

Premieres dates:

London – December 10, 2001
New York – December 13, 2001
Los Angeles – December 16, 2001
New Zealand – December 19, 2001

Two Towers:

Wide release in the U.S. — December 18, 2002

Premiere dates:

New York – December 5, 2002
London – December 11, 2002
Los Angeles – December 15, 2002
New Zealand – December 18, 2002

Return of the King

Wide release in the U.S. — December 17, 2003

Premiere dates:

Wellington, NZ – December 1, 2003
Los Angeles – December 3, 2003

The Hobbit

Wide Release in U.S. — December 14, 2012

Premiere date:

Wellington, NZ – November 28, 2012


  1. I would like to know too, since I would like to go to the NYC premiere myself, and I’m not too far, so it is doable for me. I’ve also been trying to find out, but no results yet. NZ or London premiere would be a dream, but not attainable I fear. Though long London weekend for premiere – within possibility. Hope someone who knows reads this and lets us know NYC premiere. Thanks for posting :)

    In the back of my mind I seem to recall there was a NYC premiere for one or more of the LOTR movies. Whether all the actors were there, can’t recall clearly either.

  2. Just: :D Go girl! Light a fire under the respected knight! I have a recipe for Byzantine fire (NO I HAVEN’T, Homeland Security or the Mounties, if you’re listening in! And no intention to find a recipe. I’m hopeless at physics and chemistry, and math and tech anyway…)

  3. From my research, there were NYC premieres for the first two LOTR movies but not the third. I don’t think Viggo Mortensen was at many of these. He seems to be the most notable absence. I could be so wrong about this, but that’s what the Net coughed up. If someone else has some input, I would love to hear it. I really do need to make plans!

  4. Fitz, I wish I could light a fire under Sir Peter, but I think this is an exercise in futility. I’m hoping someone in RA universe knows something.

  5. Sorry to be back again. Yes, not sure if all the actors were there, Only know of one actor specifically who was there at the NYC Premiere of Fellowship of the Ring, and that was on December 13, 2001. I’m sure some of the others were, if not Viggo. Could it be Dec 13 for Hobbit this year?

  6. Thanks for this Frenz!

    Oh if I had money to spare–and if I didn’t mind flying–I would fly to the New York premiere in a heart beat.

    I might not get to see RA–since I’m short and not one to stand in long lines for hours with no amenities in sight. Ha! But it would be lovely to meet some of my RA Fangirl gal pals.

    Who knows. It might still happen. That is, if another major home appliance doesn’t break down and require replacement–clothes washer then dryer, refrigerator, and built in microwave (twice). And we only built our home 10 years ago! They don’t make things as well as they used to. Ha!

    P.S. to RA: You have stated that you have DIY flooring skills. How are you with other Mr. Fix it around the house needs? Ha!

  7. You can always take the train to NYC. :D BTW, I sent you a message on FB.

  8. I think you should also maybe look at the patterns of more recent comparable movies – things can change in 10 years.

  9. It’s true they can. The LOTR movies were not distributed by WB, but I feel this is Peter Jackson’s project much more than most done by WB, so I have a feeling he has a great deal of input to its distribution. My gut says he will go back to a schedule similar to the first LOTR.

  10. She’s beautiful!

    And how cool about the documentary! We need to know more.

  11. It is supposed to be on the Discovery Channel eventually. I’ll tell you more in an email.

  12. That is really fun. Love it.

  13. She had a good time with it, and she’s a helluva photographer. I’m not biased. :D

  14. With you on this one! I’m still waiting for information on the London premiere. I keep saying “I’m finally going to see RA in December!” but knowing my luck I’ll probably miss it and see it in the news the next day. HAVE TO KNOW NOOOWWWW!!!!!!

    Btw your daughter’s beautiful!! She should be proud in being an enigma :D

  15. You have beautiful daughters,Frenz and your son is very handsome-
    please be aware and understand that I’m not interested in younger men. ;)

  16. Dear Sir Peter,

    Yeah, what she said! :)

    A not quite crazy fan who thinks wild hair is endearing?

    Love the kid pics, Frenz! I’m with her on vacum and dishwasher phobias. However, that fear has never done me much good.

  17. Joanna, Thank you, and as I’ve said before I’m so biased. I think all of my children are beautiful! I updated my post with a video of my son working the Rubik’s cube. His roommate taped it and put it facebook for us.

    Queen and Sheepa, WE HAVE TO FIGURE OUT THE PREMIERE SCHEDULE! It’s not so much about airline tickets for me as it is about getting a good place to stay in NY. I could stay with my girls, but I want to stay a certain place on the upper west side, and I need to get that nailed down NOW! LOL!

  18. I feel your pain Frenz. I’d like to know more to hopefully organise the first (I think) European RA admirer meeting. I don’t have a private jet, Sir PJ, and they don’t keep a room for me at the Dorchester, so I need some time!
    Ps. You daughter is stunning. Does she take after her mother? :)

  19. Time until TH premiere is approaching faster than a comet!
    I’m pretty sure TH release date for general viewing in NZ is Dec 13.
    RA meet-ups are a must for any admirer, I’m heading off to my second later this year and then of course Wellington for the main event!

  20. […] have this cyber-friend who is always writing Fake Fan Letters.  She has this weird sense of humor and to be honest, it’s always a hysterical sense of […]

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