Gratiana came so close to guessing the first name of Richard Armitage’s character in Black Sky, and with this piece, she explores the last!

Something About Love (A)

When meeting someone new, proper introductions must be made.  But one fellow had gone maddeningly without appellation until Monday.  Of course, I refer to the teacher character that British actor Richard Armitage portrays in Todd Garner’s tornado movie filming now and set to release in 2013, titled “Black Sky”.

Speculation abounded as to the character’s name –especially as pictures of RA in character started to trickle out from “Black Sky” producer Todd Garner on his Twitter account @Todd_Garner:


Being a curious soul, I took the direct route and simply asked Mr. Garner  in a tweet if we might know Richard Armitage’s character’s name.  And he kindly replied:

@GratianaL: @GratianaL @Todd_Garner  Any hints on Mr. Armitage’s character’s name? RA kind of looks like a “Greg” to me. Close – Gary

Okay, Gary it is.   But we still don’t have a surname.  So, urged on by others…

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  1. Giggles, Frenz! Thanks for the reblog! Cheers! Grati ;->

  2. You’re welcome! : D

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