I Declare the Drought Officially Over

With this veritable flood of images, how can it be anything but a monsoon! Yes, I know there are those of you smart enough to know it was over a while ago. I’m talking to the rest who were not quite sure. You can be sure. LOL!

Makes me want to yell, “Stop! Stop!”

No, I don’t mean that. Would I have this name if I wanted to stop?

The only problem is it just makes me greedy for more.

Dear, Dear Sir Peter,

You can’t win. Seriously, man, you are just creating a monster. My appetite is pretty damn big now. After this…I may not come up for air for a week.

And I hate to say this, but I’m still waiting on those dates for the premiere. I would trade a few of those pics for that intel.

One of Richard’s crazy fans, who lately has been wondering if Scott Glenn is under contract:

And I’m never going to comment on this ’cause I don’t trust myself:

I would draw an arrow, but this thing has its own, uh, arrow, er, axe.


  1. I have a feeling that the trailer will be KILLER stuff too. Brace yourself, Frenz. Brace…

  2. I’m looking at Thorin in that first picture and wondering how I’m going to handle seeing him in digital 3D on a BIG screen!! You feel as if he is going to run right into you! Be still my beating heart! :D

    The drought is indeed over and I just want to stand there with my face up to the sky, my arms stretched out and let it all this great stuff pour down on me. Does that sound too silly? ;)

  3. No, not silly. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for.

    I’m braced, I think. :D

  4. I think the audible gasps in the theatre once Richard appears will be deafening!
    At least they will be in my case. Only 8hrs to wait until the trailer ♥

  5. I never felt it was very dry, to be perfectly frank. We were sprinkled on periodically all the way through by the publicity machine.

  6. Yep, the drought has always been exaggerated.

  7. I think Peter J managed to keep us hydrated every now and then! He sure knows what he’s about!! ;)

    Now we have Trailer #2!! Totally blown away by it all – especially Richard/Thorin of course. That voice!!! *sigh*

  8. The Voice would attract, even if he were dwarf, Teuchter. :D

  9. […] by even the most assiduous actor (example: Spooks 9). In the end, however, this problem (“the drought,” as some have called it, another perception I didn’t develop) never really […]

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