In Case You Missed It, The Sneak Peek of Desolation of Smaug

On the Elasticity of Sequels

When considering the Roger Ebert quote* about The Hobbit sequels:


you may ask, “How does Peter Jackson do that? How can he stretch these things out? What pray tell could the cast be doing for so long?!”

I was wondering myself, and then @nancyjohnson1 reminded me. Dumb me. I should have realized how they could chase the hat for two movies! It’s the answer to everything!

*Fake like this post.

edit: I promise I’ll get serious. My next post will be serious with a vengeance!

I Declare the Drought Officially Over

With this veritable flood of images, how can it be anything but a monsoon! Yes, I know there are those of you smart enough to know it was over a while ago. I’m talking to the rest who were not quite sure. You can be sure. LOL!

Makes me want to yell, “Stop! Stop!”

No, I don’t mean that. Would I have this name if I wanted to stop?

The only problem is it just makes me greedy for more.

Dear, Dear Sir Peter,

You can’t win. Seriously, man, you are just creating a monster. My appetite is pretty damn big now. After this…I may not come up for air for a week.

And I hate to say this, but I’m still waiting on those dates for the premiere. I would trade a few of those pics for that intel.

One of Richard’s crazy fans, who lately has been wondering if Scott Glenn is under contract:

And I’m never going to comment on this ’cause I don’t trust myself:

I would draw an arrow, but this thing has its own, uh, arrow, er, axe.