There’s a Line

I was just on Twitter and saw this:

and I wanted to shout: yes! but there’s a line. :D

For those who are new to Richard Armitage, I’m going to be disappointed if you don’t have a crush because it means something is wrong with you!

If you don’t know where to go to find more about him, there is some info here.


  1. I started out researching the cast of “The Hobbit”, wanted to know about who P.J. had cast when I came across the name Richard Armitage. I very quickly developed a “crush” on RA, especially his voice! Can’t wait to see him in the Hobbitt, even with all the dwarf gear on!

  2. Have you ever listened to any of his audio books?

  3. BTW, welcome! :D

  4. Richard’s beauty and charisma (and voice!) are intact even with the dwarf kit in place. *sigh* Welcome to the fold, Kathleen! You’ve so much RA goodness to still discover. :D

  5. His name kept coming up in an imdb-debate about the perfect Darcy. Never heard of him but had to check him out – that was about 6 months ago, I’m still newly in love :-)

  6. Welcome to “our little community” as Richard once described us! You certainly chose the right person to “crush” on!

    I would heartily recommend his audio books as his voice is really quite unique. He doesn’t just read these books, he performs them! I only wish he would do more of them as they give so much pleasure. As fedoralady has said, there is a lot more of him for you to discover. Enjoy the journey! I can assure you, you will be amazed!! :)

  7. That was me a little over a year ago, although I wasn’t as bold as to share my crush with the world :)
    I recommend hitting YT and watching different fanvids. It’s a wonderful introduction to RA’s work. That’s how I learned about John Porter and Strike Back ;)

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