Whence Richard

It’s becoming obvious a chunk of folk are wondering about Richard Armitage’s official website. There isn’t one, and the topic has been debated for years by the fandom. The closest he’s come to having something official is RichardArmitageOnline, which has become by default the bearer of his messages but still technically an unofficial site. A lovely woman by the name of Annette runs the site, and we all appreciate her being there to ensure we are privy to Richard’s remarks to us.

There are three other places I would recommend for getting some good info on Richard:

RichardArmitageNet.Com — run by Ali, who is a love to all of us.

Richard Armitage Central — run by some indefatigable ladies. Seriously, I’m astounded at the work they do.

The Armitage Army — a forum that boasts its existence as the first Army site. You don’t know about the Army? Hang around. :D

For anything else, check out ‘Places to Get a Fix’ or the ‘Addict List’.


  1. I wonder if he will have one eventually.

    The people who have websites and keep the information flowing do such a wonderful job. I believe he is humbled by the support he gets but I am beginning to think that he should be humbled. There are such lovely people who work really hard at bringing information, keeping it up to date and keeping the community animated and involved. Regardless of what happens next, the initial RA support base ( I know how some of you don;t like the word fan) has been a great community.

  2. As the publicity for The Hobbit ramps up, there will probably be more and more unauthorized sites for Richard Armitage. I don’t think he’ll authorize an “official” one because he seems aware – at least to some degree – of the ones already out there. He seems appreciative of the coverage you all give him, from the few interviews I’ve seen in which he actually mentions the “Armitage Army”. . Keep up the good work, because I’ll be looking to you and a few others to get all the latest photos and tidbits about RA as we wait for the release of the movie that will surely make him a household name! I am certainly not immune to his incredible appeal. i couldn’t resist putting a short scene in my new book with an unnamed actor whose description just happens to sound a lot like RA! It was set in a scene where the heroine has traveled to London and goes to the theater to watch a play. The lead actor just happens to be named Richard, and his description fits a certain other Richard we all know to a tee!

  3. Enormous gratitude for Ali, Annette et al. They simply do a lovely job.

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