The Lovely Hobbit Premieres, What Do They Mean?

I love how Peter Jackson is using the The Hobbit premieres in London and New York to promote worthy causes. Effective and classy. But I wonder if the dates we’re getting will be public events with red carpet. Surely the causes being promoted would benefit. Unfortunately, my infernal gut is rethinking this. If I were to get inside Peter Jackson’s head, what would it be pondering about this all? Part of me thinks he loves the fans being so rabid. He really gets into that and likes to inflame it a bit otherwise why the involvement with TheOneRingnet. But another part of me thinks the fan thing is a big hassle and with these movies, perhaps unnecessary. It’s evident there is already a fan furor. Hmmm.

No matter what happens, I’m going to New York to see my daughters. That’s a given. It would just be nice to schedule it alongside The Hobbit premiere. If that doesn’t work out, oh well.

No, I’m not normally a pessimist, and really, I’m not being one now. I’m merely heeding this reservation I sense. So I’m taking a wait see for now.

The irony of all of this is I am not a red carpet kind of gal. I already did the Comic-Con thing, and that was enough. More than enough, thank you very much. Yes, that’s my way of saying, it’s not my thing. I’m still the person who wrote this.

edit: and the silence from TORn on this NYC showing also makes me take a wait see.


  1. Looking at images of the Ziegfeld Theatre and previous premieres held there, it doesn’t look like it would be an easy place for a fan to spot their favorite actor. Sidewalk space is limited, and unless they blocked off the street for it, the space in front of the theater where they generally have their red carpets/step and repeats is also small. But this is just what I’m seeing from a limited Google search.

    If they did block off the street in front of the theater, then I could see the actors signing fan autographs. But if they don’t, and it’s like the set up I’m seeing for other recent movie premieres held there, I doubt you’d be able to see the actors very well in the small space between where their cars would drop them off and the door. But you all should Google it for yourselves and see what you think.

    I would say your chances are very good that Richard would be there for the NYC premiere. Unless he’s ill, I’m certain he’s contractually obligated to do the NYC press junket, seeing as he’s arguably the #3 person in the cast after Ian & Martin. I suspect he’ll do some of the morning shows and maybe one of the smaller late night shows (I doubt he’d do Letterman or Leno yet because he is still relatively unknown, so they’ll be after Ian & Martin).

    I’m sure you’ll have a great time in NYC regardless. :)

  2. I bet he’ll be on Late, Late with Craig Ferguson — Craig does all the Brits and Europeans. :)

  3. (Although that would be in LA)

  4. :D Craig and Richard!?..Oh, I can’t wait Tosajen.:)

  5. There is a tiny little plaza next to the theatre. The last time I was there was for a Star Wars movie and there were enough of us out there that, although they did not close the street, the police restricted traffic because we were all over the freaking place. It is a beautiful theatre for a showing, but not necessarily for the common “gawking” event. The Lincoln Center theater would be better for a red carpet event. My guess is that they’ll set up the lobby with a press nook. I’ll be here in NY but as I am not working and things are not looking as if I’ll be out of th hole yet, I may swoon from Brooklyn but miss it altogether, tho I still hope I get to see you Frenz. :)

  6. This is the problem I’m having. Who will be present at the London red carpet event? Do I really have it in me to stand there all day on the off chance I’ll see Armitage, Turner, and a few of my other faves? We are talking about Tolkien fans here, who seem to be very focused and hardcore. I’m not sure if I’m ready to battle with the avid fans for a good spot.

  7. […] No premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in Berlin? (in German). Other premieres set for London (an annual benefit done with the Royal Family) and New York (benefit for AFI). Hard to know whether to make plans. […]

  8. Can you imagine what NZ will be like? 100’s of thousands of us in little down town Wellington!
    But I will be prepared to “bunker’ down with my fellow RA admirers for this momentous occasion.
    I just pray is doesn’t rain! Wish us luck ladies ☺

  9. Richard on Craig Ferguson’s show would be incredible!! But, Craig is in LA and I’m sure he will fly from London to NY. I’d bet maybe Live! with Kelly and Michael or Jimmy Fallon…

  10. I’m thinking the Today show.

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