Meeting in New York

Is it premature to plan a meet up for Richard Armitage fans in New York sometime around The Hobbit premiere? If not, should we just make arrangements among ourselves? I’m already planning on meeting some people, but the list is getting so long now that it might be easier to have one big meeting. I’m figuring there might be 20+ people there. Oh, I could be so wrong about that number, but when I consider all the communications I’ve exchanged with other fans who say they want to meet, that’s about the number I conclude. So I’m asking what you all think.

If I’m being honest, I don’t normally like to be in the midst of large groups of women (ducks), and somehow I think quite a few of you are like me. But could we still do this and be cool about it? I think it’s possible. The key is to pick the right time and place and do something that ensures people can really chat with each other. If I could swing it, I would invite you all to my daughters’ place, which is a newly renovated pre-World War II apartment. But I’m not quite bold enough to do that. :D


  1. Hey Frenz!
    I don’t blame you for being cautious. I think (as with any IRL/Internet transaction) this is safest and pleasanter when done in a public place. That way people can stay if they like & leave if they have someplace else to be!
    Now, as for locations, I grew up in NYC but I haven’t lived there for more than 10 years, so my local’s knowledge is a bit rusty. But I’m certain we can figure something out that suits everyone reasonably…?

  2. One of my daughters bar tends @ a restaurant in Chelsea. Might be an interesting spot for those who have never been to NY. The other daughter bar tends in the financial district and sometimes mid-town. Not nearly as colorful or a laid back. Just some thoughts.

  3. Yeii! I’m excited for you!! you lucky ladys!! the rest of us will be eager to read all about you’re meeting, so sure it will feel like being there with you all!

  4. I wish you could come!

  5. LOL — I’m checking airfares to NYC for the Hobbit premiere now. :) I probably won’t go (didn’t make it to Pontiac either!), but it’s fun to think about.

  6. I think it is an excellent idea! Sadly I won’t be there, but i will be there is spirit!

  7. I’m game, it’s those pesky details! Can we pick a Sunday? Easiest time to grab a bus though I probably should book it like NOW :)

  8. Unless of course you fancy a tour midweek around Philly? :)

  9. Fanny, I checked Amtrak and booking now they’re cheaper than Greyhound.

  10. Thanks Jazzy! There are cheaper buses than Greyhound, only $25 or $33 round trip, getting away is the hardest part

  11. I’d love to go but there is no way I can think to do it unless I win the Lotto! So whoever goes, please write about it and take pictures to share! Pllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  12. Meeting in New York…*sigh*…for me it sounds like a title of Woody Allen’s film.

  13. Great idea, I would love to meet you, but unfortunately, New York is too far and too expensive just to assist a movie premiere. ;-)

    I hope that you will have a good time together. :-)

  14. So I looked at bustickets .. would have booked except its too early? at least for the service that I’ve used in the past.. We need an Italian place that serves huge plates of food to make a gathering economical AND has the space :)

  15. I think I’ve got the place if no one minds going to Chelsea, and maybe we can get a deal

  16. It would be freezing in NY, but I will still come, i think :D. See you there.

  17. I think it’s a great idea, and I’d love to come … except it’s a bit far to travel. ;) If it was London, it would be an entirely different matter. Who’s up for that?

  18. Hope to see you there, PV. :)


    Check out Agzy’s post for some info on that.

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