I’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

When I started this odyssey of Richard Armitage addiction, I had such plans of waxing on about art. That was derailed. I just never dreamed I would have more than a passing acquaintance with action figures. Maybe I shouldn’t phrase it that way. :D But how else to explain the insane desire to look at this:

As soon as this guy started talking on the video, sanity returned, a little, and I started looking both ways to see if the family had seen or heard what I was doing. SO would have a field day with this, and thankfully, he still doesn’t know about the box full of Little Guys in the basement. I did get them on the cheap, but really, how many does a person need? Yep, I’m caught up on Little Guy. Time for some Tiny Thorins. *she laughs maniacally*


  1. I have never owned an action figure, but, I may just have to put this on my Christmas wish list. My goodness, what has our life come to….next time, Frenz, pack your ear buds so you can listen without divulging the true nature of your video viewing! That is the best way to be discrete IMHO ; )

  2. Oops, I wanted to give you a 5 and it engaged the 4. So sorry! Post debate fatigue?

  3. Hey, Frenz…if you want to get rid of a little Guy, you could always send one to my daughter’s house for me to pick up when I visit for Thanksgiving. I will arrive in the US on 11 Nov – my 66th birthday. I didn’t know little Guy existed until 2 years ago! LOL

  4. If I had another 20 minutes to waste, I would rewatch this to see just how many times the words “very”, “nice” and “uhhhhhhh” (is that a word?) were used in this description. WoW!!! – an elastic band and he plans to keep it!

  5. Yes, I should keep my ear buds close at hand at all times. :D

    Don’t sweat the rating thing.

  6. Next time I’m in the city I am SO going to a Toys R Us! I’m going to be my own Santa! :)

  7. STOP!…just end this squeezing, pal !!!..and what are you doing with that tunic?! HA?!

  8. I own a Little Guy. Now I’ll have to shop for a Little Thorin to hang out with him! :)

  9. We saw them in Toys R Us today, and of course my kid shouted out: “Look, Mom! Theah is Mistah Wichahd!”

    I mean, something is wrong with this picture when a kid sees a toy and yells out, “Mr. Richard.”

    I have created a small RA fan here.

  10. […] Thorin shipped this week, delighting fans all over the world: RAFrenzy and FedoraLady’s cat […]

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