Diary of an RA Fan — Part 20 My Kingdom for a Plastic Horse

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Entry — Still Fall, 2008:

I joined the Armitage Army forum today. The lure of it was too much to resist any longer. My desperation to talk to others about Richard Armitage and Stanislavski and identities and art simply overcame any hesitance I had about looking like a fangurl with exploding ovaries. I want to wallow in a discussion about what I’m discovering, and IMDb is not enough. What I’ve read on the Army site has given me tons to check out, but it’s a little daunting knowing where to start.

A couple of weeks later:

I didn’t get very far. I became distracted by a discussion that may have cured me of my fascination with Richard Armitage. Me, the cheapskate, has totally had my purse strings loosened by this guy, so once again I had to buy something that had several posters atwitter. It’s amazing to me what I’ve bought in the last several months. Thankfully, this item wasn’t very expensive, but I did have it sent express mail, which costs a young fortune, and now I’m the owner of one of these.

My only problem is that I can’t let this thing see the light of day. I mean I don’t even know where to put it. I’m not quite ready to take a page out of the book of the ladies who went on about theirs. Several of them said they used their kids for cover. The little SOs would not let me do that. They would call bull on me so fast, it would make my head spin. I don’t have that luxury, so I’m stuck with this thing crammed, er, lovingly placed at the back of my lingerie drawer. I CANNOT BELIEVE I’m writing this. What’s really sad is that I’m bummed I didn’t get what I really wanted — one of these.

So much for art.

Present day:

I hid that doll so well I couldn’t find it to take a picture for this post. I moved it from the lingerie drawer so it wouldn’t be discovered there and given a significance that it doesn’t hold. Now I’m wondering where it will emerge, and what my explanation, if any, will be. LOL!

See Diary Part 21 here.


  1. Oooooo! I want one!! I do agree the one with the horse is much nicer, but I wouldn’t be so picky. I wouldn’t hide mine in a drawer either! He would have a place of honour with my Harry Potter and Nancy Pearl librarian action figures!!

  2. Well, Phylly, you’re out of the closet and I’m not. I should say not all of the way yet. LOL!

  3. Interesting. This is a symptom I never got. I also never got the fankles strain of the syndrome, either. What a complex thing Armitagemania is.

  4. I thought it would be funny, and then I got the thing and had a bout of self-consciousness. I put it away, and then moved it. For all I know it’s among all of the McDonald’s Barbies in my daughter’s room. With three daughters, we’ve amassed quite a collection of these things not to mention the “real” Barbies.

  5. OK, I sorely admit I was tempted to get a Guy doll and his lovely plastic steed. Never did it.

    I do have 8 x 10 glossies of Lucas in his blue suit and red tie and S3 Guy in his long-maned glory. I sometimes chat with them for inspiration. I am not sure I am entirely normal.

    Can’t fail to mention I have a ” Mrs. Richard Armitage” key chain with a lovely shot of my favorite smouldering leather clad henchman on the flip side. My husband (the man who offered to buy some black leather PJs once to wear for my enjoyment) gave it to me last Christmas along with an autographed photo of the Lovely One himself.

    The man is a keeper (my husband, of course–although I am sure Mr. A is also in that category).

    Oh, Barbies!! How I loved those as a child . . . Benny has a few GI Joe collectible do-uhm, action fiigures, excuse me.

  6. ROFLOL: literally!! I was snoozing off and my laughter reading this woke me up! I hope for little Guy he’s with the barbies havin’ fun with all their toys ;)
    I can see the appeal but it’s already enough work being covert about the movies I’ve collected the past 6 mths. I almost lost my cover :I use that X- factor shot from SB as a skin on my google homepage. (a background pic that is only visible when signed in) Would have used the COME BACK one except with my screensize the google search window (you might get lucky ;) covers his nose. I happen to x out of something on my first tab and the OH walked by with Mr.A in all his glory on the screen. Got some frowns from that.
    What has been tempting me is that beautiful Thornton with basket still, it feels so frame worthy. It begs me to come of the computer screen. I guess for now I will have to make due turning it into a wallpaper for my iPod.

  7. @angie, I’ll bet those pictures look great! And the key ring is a hoot. Do you carry it? If so, I’ll bet that gets some comments. :D

    @iz, I’m glad you get my humor. LOL!

    I dare not even make a wallpaper, or I would be teased until beyond time. That’s mostly what I’m trying to avoid. SO is quite the teaser, and his children are just like him! They would show no mercy. LOL! Besides, I feel dumb enough already possessing a plastic action figure of a tv character and paying, well, I’d rather not say how much. Let’s just say it was more than all the Happy Meals for those Barbies.

  8. So you have a lingerie drawer, eh? ;)

  9. Oh yeah.

    Sometimes I walk down memory lane with that drawer. ;-) Uh, was that mixing a metaphor? I realized after I hid that thing that sometimes SO will run his hand in that drawer, which meant that was a bad place to put Little Guy. LOL!

  10. I was tempted to buy one too when I saw it but I came too late to the RA fandom, I think there aren’t anymore. On the other hand, I was quite content to find the livejournal page to ‘Little Guy’ adventures, it’s been time seen it’s been update though.

    Guy with Barbies…you being unfair with poor Ken.Now he has no chance with any Barbie ;)

    OML :)

  11. Thanks for reminding me about my lingerie drawer btw it’s stuck in a cubby in the back of the closet. :)
    I edited my ramblings but to clarify I have a 2 tab homepage setting on IE. So the google page is always hidden for occasional ogling.
    And what a relief someone else has printed out pics. I like the keychain idea because I’ve 2 from “something else” and you can always hang those on the tiny zipper in a pocketbook.
    I’ve had to tone down my Armitaging and am “suffering” a bit but I’m focusing on reading. Those other books of the Saxontales are waiting in the library and just requested every single Walter they had :)
    @Frenzy by the time you do find that little guy he’s probably worth a lot!!!

  12. @RAFrenzy,

    Yes, I DO actually carry my key chain everywhere . . . I’ve gotten braver in my encroaching old age LOL I dropped it once on the pavement and horror of horrors, it came apart. However, unlike Humpty Dumpty I was able to put it back together again . . .

    I even have RA wallpapers up on both my iMac at work and my laptop that I also use at work. Right now there’s a SB one on the Mac and an RA collage of characters on the Toshiba . . . my co-workers referring to RA (whom they are completely unfamiliar with otherwise) as “Angie’s other husband” . . . I just grin.

    And those photos? *sigh* Stunning . . . @iz4blue, that still of Thornton with the basket is absolutely lovely, I agree. And also agree our Frenzy has a mini-treasure tucked away when and if she ever discovers it again!

  13. Congrats on obtaining one of ‘these’ – I am jealous. Don’t hide it — flaunt it like guys do their football or sci-fi stuff. Me — I would put it in the kitchen so I could make sure to see it every day – kind of like your own coffee pick-me-up.

  14. I did print out a BAFTAs 2010 photo to take on my long haul flights this summer just for reassurance. :)

  15. I want one.

  16. I’ve been tempted to put an RA character up on my screensaver at work. It would have to be one from Spooks as I have converted three staff members to it. RA’s autographed photo was sent to my workplace and I have to say that I was teased mercilessly …lol! That, along with envelope, is sitting safely in the top drawer of my desk at home and gets unearthed every now and then if I scuffle to find a pen or something else in there. As for a Guy doll ….. noooooo …. that’s one thing I don’t thibk I could spend money on. I love the image of Guy with the Barbies ….lol …. he would cause total havoc!!!

  17. @iz4blue, Armitage “obsession” has never got in the way of my reading. Reading is possibly a bigger obsession. But N&S has fuelled my “historian” desire to read more of the Industrial Revolution in Europe (my studies had been more in-depth with the Middle Ages and 16th C, and I need more pre-Norman history – why? Heaven knows), and the only Gaskell I’d previously read had been the biography of Charlotte Bronte. So now, there’s a lot more on the agenda…including LOTN.

    Gisborne among the Barbies (giggle) Surely he’s too young to be a Hefner? (Sorry, bad joke) :(

  18. […] My deficiencies as an Armitage fan I’ve been amused lately by Natalie’s confession about swathes of Mr. Armitage’s oeuvre that she hasn’t seen, and the resulting discussion of Armitage equipment that she’s going to put in her Armitage shrine. RAFrenzy was talking about this as well, as she not only conceded having spent hundreds of dollars on his work, but also having purchased a region-free DVD player and to top it all off, the absolute corker: a Guy of Gisborne action figure that she can now no longer find. […]

  19. […] one printout of a photo for travel emergencies. I mentioned to her that I don’t even have the famous and increasingly hard to locate Guy of Gisborne action figure. I speculated that there might be another Armitage action figure on the horizon as a product tie-in […]

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  21. Sooooooo funny.

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