How is Richard Armitage Like Kevin Bacon?

In case you’re wondering why so many posts today, I blog best when I’m under the weather. I’m usually on medication when I’m sick. Yep, I really do it right when I get sick, so painkillers are often involved. No liquor though. I may look stupid, but actually, I have it on good authority I am not stupid. Anyway, the painkillers make things really fun. Maybe not fun all the time. There was that incident when I made a wisecrack on Twitter to a celebrity who didn’t understand my humor and blocked me as a result. He didn’t know I was jacked up on Tylenol 3. I’ve thought about trying to apologize via another id. Yeah, for you longtime readers, you know I’ve already waxed on about this. But it still bugs me, and I don’t know how to make amends without looking creepy. Oddly enough, that was another Kevin. No, not Kevin James either. I’ve never talked to him on Twitter. I don’t think he has an id there, and I’ve learned my lesson about being too dry with my tweets — drugs or no drugs. Just doesn’t translate as evidenced by the other Kevin blocking me. :D

But enough of this; onto important matters.

Some of us in the RA Blogsophere like to associate Richard Armitage with other people. Mostly, it starts with this infernal curiosity we seem to have about what Richard is thinking — his likes, his dislikes, and sometimes his proclivities, if you will. Come to think of it, this obsession not only starts with wondering what Richard is thinking, but it ends there as well. Yes, we want in his head. LOL! *yet another maniacal laugh and a little slurred at the moment*

If I were really honest, I would tell you wondering what Richard Armitage thinks is more or less a surrogate for wondering what SO thinks. SO seems to be an open book — just like RA seems. But SO is not. I still don’t have him even half figured out. At least I don’t think I do. He’s so cagey, I’m not sure how much I do know. But what I know still intrigues me and often makes me laugh. I hope that never goes away. Maybe one of these days I’ll let you in on what he thinks about this place. It would have some of you rolling. I’m just not sure I can do his words justice yet.

Wait. I said something about Kevin Bacon didn’t I? I may be too out of it to bring this piece to a satisfying conclusion. What I was thinking when I first started typing this thing is the comparisons to all these other people are a sort of abstract version of six degrees of separation. And really, what do all these comparisons tell us, er, me? I’m at the same place I started with Richard Armitage. Still don’t really understand the guy although I sometimes pretend I do. :D

Love ya, Kevin — all three of you.


  1. Love that’s Kevin Spacey. =)

  2. You totally got me there. Nice one. Love this article.

  3. Whoooooooooooa. Kevin Spacey BLOCKED YOU on Twitter?

    What is the world coming to?

    I thought that guy didn’t take himself so seriously. What a huge disappointment.

    You sure you didn’t hallucinate that in your fever-induced state?


    Now go to sleep and see a doctor, or else I suspect next you’ll be blogging about a large wizard banging on your doorstep and inviting you to join him on an adventure.


  4. Anon, Glad you love it. I’ll have to get sick more often. ;-)

    Heidi, For the record, he is the only person to have blocked me on Twitter. Just want that clear. :D

  5. Some people (naming no Twitter names) just don’t appreciate your humor. But we love you. :-)

    Feel better soon.

  6. LOL! I can’t believe you were blocked by someone on Twitter. Unless you were tweeting pictures of him with a penis drawn on his forehead ala Perez Hilton 3 years ago, I really can’t imagine how it all went down or how you could offend ;)
    Let’s just say someone who doesn’t understand when you’re making a joke will be better off blocking you! Now you need to put the whole situation in a nice cardboard box, wrap some string around it and mentally set fire to it. that whole sucker. It was probably a silly misunderstanding that you really shouldn’t be carrying around with you or worrying about.
    Anyone who doesn’t find you funny should clearly cut back on their prescription medicine or start doing sense of humour sit ups, because their funny muscle is flabby ;) You Dear Frenz have a sense of humour six pack!

  7. Agzy, I’m going to take that as a heck of a compliment since I think you’re funny as hell. Thanks. :)

  8. EEE, Thank you. I trust your classy opinion. Seriously.

    Also, I want to make it clear that I REALLY was on medication, and I let my maudlin tendencies take over. :D

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