Yep, I am Insane. It’s Official


I think I have gone insane for real, but I’ve done this for SO. I swear. He’s a Kevin Spacey fan. Actually, the whole family are fans especially second oldest daughter. She had a massive crush on Spacey when she was a teen. I told her, “You do realize he’s older than I am?” She said, “I don’t care. He has a beautiful mind.” This may explain why her current boyfriend is 12 years older. Oy. No, seriously, I like her boyfriend and SO does too.

But where was I?

Oh yeah, talking about something I did that’s nuts. I entered the drawing for The House of Cards. When SO was sick and could barely do anything, he watched a lot of shows on Netflix, and that was one of them. He’s loved Spacey since The Usual Suspects.

That means if by some freak chance I win this contest, SO is going to love it. Touring the set of the show, eating barbeque with Kevin Spacey. Yep, that’s why I’ve done this. The BBQ is the perfect capper.

Freddy's BBQ Joint
SO is a major barbeque fan. Yeah, that’s what this is about and not because I’m caught up in the hysteria of this fan odyssey and just can’t stop spending money. I’m a tightwad, people!

Dear Mr. Spacey.

See, even a tightwad will spend money on fan shtuff. Hope you’re thinking about that video for The Crucible. Oh you don’t know what I’m talking about? I explain it here. And just so you know, there are lots of us who will push the video on our sites.

Richard’s Crazy Fan, a fan whose purse strings have been irrevocably loosened by the man who played the tall, dark, handsome, cotton-mill owner

Actually, I am celebrating. I just finished two huge projects, and I’m about to get a serious paycheck. This also means that friends who have been waiting on me to help them finish their projects will now have my time more freely beginning Monday of next week — at least until the first part of July.

Please Sir, Can We Have Some More?


Dear Mr. Spacey

Yeah, I know I’m not one of your favorite people, but this letter is not only about me. I’m presumptuously speaking for quite a few others. I’m confident I can do that because well, there are lots of Richard Armitage fans who cannot make it to London yet are dying (or almost dying; it feels like dying) to see Richard in The Crucible, so I come with a suggestion, which you may have already heard.

Many of us have been looking at the promotional materials for The Crucible, and I’ll admit most of us have our tongues hanging out. I like to think this is a very overt manifestation of the consumer mentality. Make of that what you will, but what I’m making of it is we would like to see The Crucible without coming across the pond.

Do you think you could see your way clear to make a video that the rest of us will happily buy and maybe even for a hefty fee of oh, say, $50.00? Yes, the control freak in me is thinking for you. Sorry about that; I can’t help it sometimes — like when I really want something to happen. Or maybe you could do it like PBS. Let us donate a certain amount to The Old Vic and then we get a thank you gift. For a $50.00 gift, a video. For a $100.00 gift, a video and a couple of posters, er, signed posters (by you know who). Maybe $300 gets the video, all the posters signed and maybe a surprise gift that we don’t know anything about but we’ll love. Wait. Go right on up to a $1,000 or better, ’cause a signficant number of those “middle-aged, quite well-educated, Radio 4 listeners” have a healthy disposable income, and I’m sure they would like to dispose of it at The Old Vic. Yep, I’d bet money on that. Oh, and maybe throw in a few future shows at The Old Vic with that really good donation?

Yes, my control freak is really getting carried away, so I’ll top. I think you get the idea.

So what do you say?

Richard’s Crazy Fan, uh Crazy Fan with money, money to spend on stuff from The Old Vic :D

P.S. Forgive my crassness in speaking of money, but I know it takes money to run The Old Vic, and I would love to help AND get a thank you gift. LOL! Okay, I laughed there. but I’m serious, man. And no, I’m not normally pushy. I make an exception on Tuesdays.

Graphic courtesy of Brian Clift on flickr

Know Surprises

Richard Armitage with bedroom eyesNow that we’re reasonably sure Richard Armitage will be starring in The Old Vic’s version of The Crucible, this probably means no RA at Comic-Con in San Diego. Yep, I’m thinking that may be what it means. Unless he got two days off to make a jaunt across the pond. If he does come to the Con, he probably won’t be there on Saturday but rather Thursday, since Saturdays are big days in the theater. Or am I wrong about this?

Yeah, I think the group in London will try to accommodate a trip to Cali — at least mid-week so he can promote Into the Storm. Unless his last minute appearance at Cinema-Con in Las Vegas was a trade-off for not appearing in San Diego.

Then again, I could be so out in left field, because last time I checked, Peter Jackson is no pushover, and he’s not going to have a skeleton crew at Comic-Con and certainly not doing his thing on Thursday. It will be Saturday for PJ and company, and not to mention that Richard Armitage seems to be the point man for pushing The Hobbit. But maybe that was also a trade-off, so that Richard is getting it out of the way and will be free all summer. I kind of doubt that.

Or maybe it’s either/or. He gets to be there on Thursday or Saturday but not both. Or maybe both PJ and Todd have their promotions running on Saturday. I’m so confused.

My gut: if he made an agreement with Peter Jackson to be there for The Hobbit, he will be. How can I say that? Hmm, Peter Jackson, the West End, Peter Jackson, the West End. Uh yeah, it’s Peter Jackson. Whether fair or not, that’s probably reality.

Whatever happens, it’s probably not a good idea for fans to buy tickets to The Crucible from July 23-28.* Can you imagine how pissed off you would be if you did and he was an ocean away? Yeah, consider this post a public service.

Other than that, the photo above is an interesting pick for The Mail. Is he a deer caught in the glare of the paparazzi or are those the bedroom eyes that get John Proctor and the rest of Salem in trouble? ;-)

And a thank you to Baz Bamigboye for the latest ripple effect. Now if he could just put his ear to the ground and answer my musing…

edit: it just occurred to me I may have made an error in this piece because The Old Vic is not technically in the West End. It’s not even in the area known as Theatreland. I’m doing this entirely from memory, so if anyone knows, educate me please. I don’t have time to look it up! :)

* those blackout dates are subject to change based on the confirmed news we hear; however, it’s good to keep in mind that the Into the Storm premiere will be coming up not long after Comic-con. The world premiere will be less than two weeks after Comic-Con ends.

How is Richard Armitage Like Kevin Bacon?

In case you’re wondering why so many posts today, I blog best when I’m under the weather. I’m usually on medication when I’m sick. Yep, I really do it right when I get sick, so painkillers are often involved. No liquor though. I may look stupid, but actually, I have it on good authority I am not stupid. Anyway, the painkillers make things really fun. Maybe not fun all the time. There was that incident when I made a wisecrack on Twitter to a celebrity who didn’t understand my humor and blocked me as a result. He didn’t know I was jacked up on Tylenol 3. I’ve thought about trying to apologize via another id. Yeah, for you longtime readers, you know I’ve already waxed on about this. But it still bugs me, and I don’t know how to make amends without looking creepy. Oddly enough, that was another Kevin. No, not Kevin James either. I’ve never talked to him on Twitter. I don’t think he has an id there, and I’ve learned my lesson about being too dry with my tweets — drugs or no drugs. Just doesn’t translate as evidenced by the other Kevin blocking me. :D

But enough of this; onto important matters.

Some of us in the RA Blogsophere like to associate Richard Armitage with other people. Mostly, it starts with this infernal curiosity we seem to have about what Richard is thinking — his likes, his dislikes, and sometimes his proclivities, if you will. Come to think of it, this obsession not only starts with wondering what Richard is thinking, but it ends there as well. Yes, we want in his head. LOL! *yet another maniacal laugh and a little slurred at the moment*

If I were really honest, I would tell you wondering what Richard Armitage thinks is more or less a surrogate for wondering what SO thinks. SO seems to be an open book — just like RA seems. But SO is not. I still don’t have him even half figured out. At least I don’t think I do. He’s so cagey, I’m not sure how much I do know. But what I know still intrigues me and often makes me laugh. I hope that never goes away. Maybe one of these days I’ll let you in on what he thinks about this place. It would have some of you rolling. I’m just not sure I can do his words justice yet.

Wait. I said something about Kevin Bacon didn’t I? I may be too out of it to bring this piece to a satisfying conclusion. What I was thinking when I first started typing this thing is the comparisons to all these other people are a sort of abstract version of six degrees of separation. And really, what do all these comparisons tell us, er, me? I’m at the same place I started with Richard Armitage. Still don’t really understand the guy although I sometimes pretend I do. :D

Love ya, Kevin — all three of you.

Some Refreshment Before The Drought

Richard Armitage is at the Old Vic Theatre today where he’s participating in an annual charity event to raise funds for the arts. He’s part of a troupe of actors performing in the 24 Hour Plays. I heard about these years ago when they started on Broadway, and it’s always been my plan to go. The dynamic of these plays sounds fantastic. The goal is to write, direct, rehearse and perform six one-act plays within 24 hours. The Old Vic Theatre has a channel on YouTube, and I was able to see a little of what goes on:

I’ve always been fascinated with creativity under pressure and would love to be a fly on the wall during the preparation for these plays. It would be wonderful to watch them coming together, and of course I would love to see the finished product. For those of us who aren’t going, there is still a way for us to see something. Ali at RichardArmitageNet.Com will be providing some clips from The Culture Show, which will recap the highlights this Thursday, 11/25. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ali.

In the meantime I will try to keep my feelings of extreme jealousy for a certain Twitter user in check. If I were in London, her ticket might not have been safe. But she soothes my terrible feelings with updates that will stave off my thirst for a while. :D

And on a related note, I LOVE the music on the 24HourPlays website. B.B. King (or someone who sounds a lot like him) is never a bad choice. Unfortunately, I think the site is just for this side of the pond. C’mon, the Brits need a site too, guys!!


Maybe a certain Twitter user will give us a report of her activities tonight. :D Stay tuned. I’ll be sure to let you know where it can be found. Good chance it will be on RichardArmitageNet.Com, so you can certainly be checking there as well.