The Vicar Invades Mumsnet

Or maybe that should say Mumsnet invades the Vicar? However it went down, Dawn French had a little chat with the ladies at Mumsnet about Harry Kennedy among other things.

Yes, we’ve heard some of this before, but can you hear it too much?! :D

Dawn deep in thought or something like that. I quite like that she’s smiling.

Is it just me who would love to meet Dawn French, and it has nothing to do with Richard Armiatage?

And shhh, don’t tell anyone, but I have been reading the threads on Richard Armitage at Mumsnet for several years. They always make me laugh. I’ve been afraid to let anyone know for fear the ladies would become self-conscious and take their lovely humor away.

Thanks to RichardArmitageNet.Com for the heads up.

Photo from another chat at Mumsnet in 2010.


  1. Dawn’s super fun! I’d love to meet her too. I just commented on FedoraLady’s blog that I was lucky enough to catch some interviews with her on UK TV this week as she has been promoting her new book. She’s such a lovely lady and radiates an irrepressible joie de vivre, you can’t help but smile while watching her. :)

  2. I actually commented before clicking on the link! Ha! “When he turned up all sense left the building” – I bet it did! Ohhh Dawn you lucky, lucky woman you!!!

  3. I just posted Dawn’s comments on thearmitageeffect!! I can totally understand their reaction. I’m sure we all would have done the same in the circumstances. ;) *guh*

  4. Dawn has been on my ‘dinner party’ wish list since way before the Harry Kennedy affair. She is the most spontaneous, funny, clever, intelligent and kind person and she writes THE BEST BOOKS!

  5. She would be fantastic at a dinner party and no need to talk about Richard Armitage. I read Dear Fatty, but I should read some of her others.

  6. :D She’s lovely! THE BEST BOOBS..oh sorry..BOOKS!

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