Cars Floating Down Wall Street or Timeout for Sandy

If you live in North America and weren’t under a rock somewhere, you knew Hurricane Sandy was coming. It’s now come, and the full brunt of its aftermath has yet to be determined. Surfing the Net is not a good way to get some idea and especially a bad idea if you have two precious considerations smack dab in the middle of the thing. If I had a nickle for the pictures I’ve seen that have put me in panic mode, I could buy a nice dinner. Even the ‘fake but awesome’ pics couldn’t lighten my mood:

A few news entities have taken it on themselves to verify what was real. Check out The Atlantic’s coverage of the real and fake photos from Sandy.

Thankfully, SO and I have just finished Skyping with the ‘considerations.’ They told us about cars floating down Wall Street, that they themselves are fine, are actually in a good part of Manhattan, and do not need to go anywhere today. I hope they stay in that apartment! SO told them he was much more concerned about the freaky things people do in these situations than about the elements. And I heartily agree. But he and I also know that they are too much like us, and it would be completely in character for them to go out and check the scene and see what they can do to help. Argh! Yeah, I think I really did just say argh.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those who are in a bad place with this storm, and hopefully, there will be aid coming soon. I will update this post with information about where those who are inclined can help out.

One last thing. Thank you to those of you who live in the NYC area and offered to lend assistance to my girls. You will never know how much that means to me and my husband!


  1. Gosh, please tell them to be careful, Frenz.


  2. Glad to hear they survived the storm, here’s hoping they manage the aftermath as well.

  3. Oh well, I was going to e-mail you to check whether the girls were okay, but you answered the question here. Glad to hear it! Don’t worry. Manhattan will be fine, the troubles will be in the outer boroughs first. I believe they started in Brooklyn already. Idiots…

  4. Oh..your daughters, Frenz!…you must be dying with fear

  5. Oh the fret of being mama to adult children. I’ve learned (through Psalm 18) to take my “hands off” and exercise faith that, although the miles and their age do not give me access to their life decisions, I can have peace. I’m so glad your girls are safe, that you’ve been able to communicate w/ them. The wisdom you have instilled in them is proving itself.

  6. Thanks, Kitty!

    And yep, faith definitely gets me through. I know they’re in much better hands than mine, and thankfully, they know whose hands they are! :)

    I’m also very thankful for Skype this week! It’s one thing to read a text, it’s another to eyeball them. :D

  7. I had a brain freeze and just didn’t see these other comments!

    I will, Heidi. They get sick of hearing it! LOL!

    Kathleen, That’s our biggest concern. What we’re hearing is not good.

    Joanna, I wasn’t a basket case but close. :D No, seriously, the girls are pretty prudent, and I think they’ve handled things really well.

  8. Glad they’re OK, Frenz.

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