“As Performed by Richard Armitage and the Dwarf Cast”

The Hobbit soundtrack is due out December 11th. Will Richard Armitage’s voice be featured? Absolutely. Fandango has an exclusive on the tracklist. But even if Richard Armitage wasn’t a featured artist on this CD, I would still buy it. I adore the music from The Lord of the Rings. Its haunting, majestic quality with a little quirk thrown in is fitting for work inspired by Tolkien.

Two of my favorites, Riders of Rohan and Samwise the Brave (respectively) from Two Towers:

And in case you have been in a hole in the ground :D, an excerpt of the song Richard and Cast will be singing:

A hearty thanks to TheOneRingnet for posting a pointer to the Fandango article. I really, really appreciate all that they do. Perhaps when Ali gets a chance, she can put up a link on her site to the Amazon pre-order page, so that charity can benefit from what you purchase.


  1. Funny you should post this today, because I had that misty mountain song running through my head this morning and couldn’t quit singing it. Something tells me this thing is going to be playing through my dreams.

  2. I’m gonna say it…ARGGGGH!!

    I CAN’T WAIT!! Thanks for the head-up!! This is gonna be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *daily quota of !!!s used up*

  3. I have pre-ordered the cd a few days ago (the special edition). :-)

  4. Oh! A good idea, April! I’d much rather spend my money on the soundtrack than buy a Mini Thorin that looks like a Mini Jesus and set up a shrine to it.


    *heidi makes note to preorder the music*

  5. The Special Addition is certainly a “must buy”! Howard Shore is amazing and Canadian! :) I would have bought it with or without Richard’s voice, although of course having it is a bonus! :D

  6. The LotR music is exhilarating, enthralling, so true, Frenz. Whenever I played it, I felt I was back in the movie.

    Wouldn’t it have been nice to have heard it performed live?

    Now must go pre-order this one …

  7. Agree about the LOTR music and have pre-ordered TH soundtrack. It’s just the kind of thing to play when trying to finish writing fantasy chronicles!!!!

  8. Ali has links to Amazon.com.uk and .us. I use when I want anything from amazon.com.

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