This is a Special Time

A guest post from NZfanofRA:

Frenz has very kindly allowed me to share some thoughts with you. I’ve been thinking about Richard. Nothing unusual about that I hear you say. And you might be correct in your assumption.

But the reason for bursting into print is to invite you, with me, to pause in the giddy anticipation of The Hobbit release, and reflect upon this moment. May I urge you not to simply await the premiere or the screening you plan to attend, but enjoy the cusp of something.

And what might that something be? I’m sure you, like me, expect another wondrous performance from Mr. Armitage in his portrayal of Thorin. We also are certain that the huge audiences for The Hobbit will mean RA will become much, much more well known.

I had expected this sort of recognition would occur after the movie had been released and people had seen the performance. But it seems The Hobbit publicity machine is already promoting RA as a star of the movie in posters and by his inclusion in the team that went to Comic Con in July. This movie isn’t called The Dwarf King, it is The Hobbit, isn’t it?

The Warner Bros. publicity machine however, is not the only sign that people are starting to notice Richard Armitage/Thorin. The Geekest Link sells plush toys of Thorin, Bilbo, Gandalf, the Goblin King and Gollum. But there were reports on Twitter of company representatives noticing Thorin was selling far faster than the others. And now there’s a little pink note on the site suggesting the Thorin plush toy might appeal to Richard Armitage fans – no such mention of the actor playing the other plushy toy characters.

Then there’s the fabulous 3D 5 varieties of cover for Empire magazine’s very special Hobbit edition (highly recommended purchase, by the way). The 5 options are Bilbo, Gandalf, Gollum, Galadriel and Thorin. Guess which one has sold out – take a look.

There’s a groundswell out there, and it’s building. Mainstream media might not have discovered it yet, but I think the signs are there. This marvelous actor has been noticed, is being noticed, and certainly is about to be noticed. Big time.

And here’s a piece of complete speculation on my part. Although I am a Kiwi, I have no insider knowledge of the decisions made about The Hobbit production team, but we know the PJ team keep writing and rewriting as they film. Did the Thorin part become larger once they saw what Richard Armitage was doing with the role? I think so, even if the two films becoming three happened in an organic way, contributed to by the richness of the material and the performances of others in the cast as well.

So to return to my original idea, let’s enjoy what’s happening now, not just await what is coming. As Richard Armitage fans we’re kind of along for the ride. Aren’t we lucky?

Note: My thanks to NZfanofRA for sharing her wonderful encouragement to bask in what is happening and about to happen. She also has an enjoyable guest post about meeting RA which I hope you check out if you haven’t already! Further thoughts from me about the imminent fame are coming in another post.


  1. Yes, we are lucky. Beautifully written.

  2. It almost feels like we are awaiting a birth of sorts. Walking around with a Mona Lisa smile because we know the epiphany of sorts related to RA and his multiple talents. Yes, we are on the cusp of something much bigger but we will always have the knowledge that we ‘knew’ him when. Richard Armitage has arrived at long last and I know we all wish him the best of luck, health and opportunities in the years ahead.

  3. Ahhhh… I’m posting the SOLD OUT cap to tumblr! Thank you. I love reading your blog. =)

  4. Tell me where it is, and I’ll reblog it! :D

  5. Richard is such a talented actor he should have never been unnoticed. The good part is that, little by little, he’s getting all the attention he deserves. The best part is that we’ve been there far before, enjoying every single appearance of this wonderful man on screen…

  6. Well said!

  7. Nice writeup and nice summary of what’s going on with this.

    We have noticed the Mini Thorins in Toys R Us, but of course The Munchkin is much more focused on THE LEGOS.

    I hope RA has some decent people lined up to negotiate the ripple effects of toys, posters, DVDs, etc. etc. etc. Then he can take those proceeds and sink them into Sunne in Splendour.

    But I’m getting ahead of myself. :-)

    Fun post, thank you so much for doing it.

  8. It’ll be nice to talk about RA without having people say, “Richard WHO?” I hope his career takes a giant step forward after this movie comes out.

    Also, for Hobbit fans: Warner Brothers has published a fun little app where you take a short quiz to determine which Middle-Earth character you most resemble. Sadly, RA is not pictured there (Grrrr…..), but you can hear his singing voice.

  9. Well said NZfan. My excitement has been building for a long time now, mostly in anticipation of the film and actually seeing Richard as Thorin on the big screen, but every time his name is mentioned I’m thrilled and proud that he’s getting the recognition he deserves. It’s become a very familiar and lovely feeling!
    I’m a bit *meh* about all the merchandising myself and am being very selective, mainly books, but I understand that it comes with the territory of a movie like this these days.

    PS Did Empire Magazine release the December Hobbit issue in NZ or the Twilight one like we have here in Australia? Errrrrggghh!!!!
    I had to order online.

  10. What Anonymous [November 13, 2012 11:17 am] said. ^^ Agree. It feels as if we’re on the cusp of something awesome. :)

  11. Absolutely agree with everyone here! Fabulous post. I am so thrilled and excited for him and I can’t wait to hear his name discussed by people I know in my personal life.

  12. In Robin Hood, I sometimes felt like Season 2 became the Guy of Gisborne show, because Guy was so much more interesting than Robin (at least to me). As much as I hope that Thorin gets tons of screen time, I want the movie to still be the Hobbit.

    But I also trust that PJ knows what he’s doing.

  13. I also want to add that I agree that this is a special time — anticipating RA’s success.

  14. Can you all believe it after 18 months or more of waiting the movie is nearly upon us!
    I must admit I’m a sucker for merchandise, Little Thorin to buddy up with Little Guy, calendars, books, t-shirts, cards, stickers I could go on, a friend even brought me for Xmas The Hobbit Monopoly set!

    It’s been a long time coming for Richard, you know they will call him an overnight success now, but we know better!

    Great post NZfanofRA, very insightful ☺

    Hobbity hugs all ♥

  15. Great guest post NZfanofRA, thanks. :-)

  16. We were just chatting on Twitter about RA dancing the tango with ELLEN. CAN YOU IMAGINE IT??? Women would be swarming this man by the semi-truckload in this country. I want to see that one.


    This post by NZfanofRA has made me think about all of the possibilities with the American talk shows. I’m thinking, space-shuttle-launch-career-trajectory-EXPLOSION.

    Maybe he’d play the cello, too. Hmmmmm, the possibilities, endless.


  17. Thank you for that – lovely post. We are lucky to be along for this marvelous, magical ride and this moment in RA’s career.

  18. I. Can’t. Wait. oh heck, I’m going for broke…

    Yes, I feel better. :) It has been a loooong wait, but you know what they say…all good things come to patient RA fans.

  19. […] On enjoying these moments of Armitage triumph. […]

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