See What I Mean About Being a Make-up Artist?

I submit to you again that when I see photos like this, I’m wondering why I went to college.

More photos that inspire the make-up artist in me. :D

High resolution photo courtesy of Ali at RichardArmitageNet.Com


  1. Where do I sign up? 18 months of that? I’ve lost the ability to think now.

  2. The source of these was actually That’s what I get for checking Tumblr before I check there :-)

  3. This pic and those on tumblr came from my site. I posted earlier today after purchasing the ebook. Getting credit on tumblr is not easy!

  4. Gone to fix!

  5. Stuff goes down so quickly, it’s an easy mistake!

    edit: this was a reply to you, D.J.

  6. Thank you ladies. I really shouldn’t be so angsty about these things and it’s not a huge deal at all but this is appreciated thank you.

  7. With the hard work you put in getting us all the info and photos, it’s the least we can do, and I feel confident to say that for DJ as well. We both know how hard it is to run a blog and don’t want to give credit improperly. I’m just glad you feel you can tell us when something is messed up. :)

  8. I’m really liking the long curly hair. And looking forward to December.

  9. Oh yeah!

    BTW, I’ve been watching “Good Sam” :D

  10. This picture truly takes my breath away. His whole posture gets to me as he looks so relaxed sitting there with his eyes closed. (Get a load of how those long lashes are brushing his cheeks!) He really looks beautiful in this shot – the magnificent head of hair; the beard; the great shoulders; shapely arms; chest and yes, the chest hair! *guh* I could go on but that won’t be necessary as I know you have all studied it minutely! ;) *sigh*

  11. It’s an arrow pic. :D

  12. As in: shot through the heart? :)

  13. :D

    No, as in diagramming. Someone will do it. It’s begging for it. LOL!

  14. LOL, nice. Whoa.

    Oh, dear now doing it in my head. Possibly wouldn’t be any surface of Thorin/Richard left by the time I’m done drawing arrows on him.

    Oh, dear, drawing on him. FRENZ!!!!!!!

  15. LOL!

  16. He needs a guitar.

  17. I guess I’ve forgotten which code to use put a pic in the comments. ;p

    What I love about this picture of Richard Armitage is that despite the long locks, he is a guy. The wife beater and the way he holds his arms say guy! No not that guy, just a guy.

  18. Mmmmmm.

  19. Your right, Frenz! :) Some men would seem feminine with that hair. Not Richard – he is totally MALE!!! ;) *sighs again*

  20. Oops! Not “anonymous”! It’s me – Teuchter!! :)

  21. Maybe he’s sleeping. I’m told that some actors have to get up pretty early for hair and makeup before they start filming.

  22. Gah. Asleep? That’s even worse/better.

  23. […] artist can be rewarding on lots of levels. :D So far I’ve only covered some of the personal rewards. But for Tami Lane, who received an Oscar nomination for her work on The Hobbit, it has transcended […]

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