Richard, International

Ali sent me a note and mentioned a swoon worthy new picture of Richard Armitage. “Aren’t they all?” I thought.

I was wrong. I’ve not seen many like this where he looks like such a guy. I mean just a guy. Did I say just a guy? Someone slap me.

We haven’t really seen a pic like this since Strike Back:

This is from an interview in Spanish magazine Accion, which Ali has up at RichardArmitageNet.Com. My only complaint: we need a bigger copy stat!

Also, don’t miss Richard’s FOUR PAGE interview in French magazine L’Ecran Fantastique. April has a copy here.

If you don’t speak French, no worries, Ali will have up a translation soon!

I’m sure we’re all going to learn a few words in other languages before this is over. :D

And I have a new tag for these kinds of pictures, “arrow worthy”. No, I won’t be drawing any arrows. I leave that to others who are more adept. But the tag is perhaps a suggestion?

edit: I put up a larger format picture. Thanks, Ali!

second edit: Servetus now has a translation of the Accion piece.


  1. I had to post this pic at my blog in a post about things I am happy about today. :D I also said it reminded me of Porter with that white t-shirt. So manly. So gorgeous. Lookin’ good, Rich! I feel as if we are getting a little bit of Christmas almost every day now. Just saw a Hobbit promo on TV. Can’t wait for the bigger version of the photo!!

  2. Great minds think alike. :D Sinjoor posted one on Twitter, but it’s a bit fuzzy. I’m sure Ali will get a clean copy soon.

  3. This pic- I LIKE. Hair is darker again… He looks very masculine and sexy.

  4. I saw this pic yesterday and almost fell out of my chair. You described it right on the money, Frenz…such a guy. And the blue background just MAKES this pic all the better. Thanks and thank to Ali. How does she keep up???!!! :)

  5. All guy. Total guy.

  6. What a guy.

  7. I am NOT a fan of the v-necked t-shirt for me (but I guess it’s ok for me since I have two ha!). However, I’m going to stop complaining right now cuz this one is nice. ;)

  8. LOL, Janine! Ditto.

  9. I can see that I’m absolutely not the only one today smiling because of Richard looking the way he does on this photo. :)
    And, even I think the blue background really added to it. Great job both in front of and behind the camera. ;)

    I guess I just fell in love at first sight AGAIN today!
    What a Guy!!! :P <3

  10. Short hair, long hair — it really doesn’t matter, does it? He looks remarkably well rested and fit.

  11. This is gorgeous! Thank you!

  12. FYI I was sent 5 scans of L’ecran fantastique but the interview is in fact just 4 pages long. The 5th scan is apparently not part of the interview. I was sent the extra page as the sender thought it was a new pic of Thorin, but alas no, the article has no new Thorin or Hobbit pics.
    She’s halfway through the translation, it won’t be long but it’s a lot of work! She’s a trooper!

  13. He looks absolutely fabulous and yes, a TOTALLY masculine guy! ;) The t-shirt, the biceps, the beautiful forearms, the hands, the stubble *YAY* and the silky hair! All very very good! :D

  14. Yeay, Ali, that sounds great. We appreciate all you do and thanks to you and the translator. :D

  15. I’ve updated the pic with a bigger format!

  16. Whooo-hooo!

  17. Definitely arrow worthy. :D

  18. *off to take blood pressure pill* ha-chee-mama!

  19. So you think this one should get the ohcheemama tag? :D

  20. absoloutely. definitely. without a doubt. are you kidding me?

    How many different ways can one spell that particular word I wonder?

  21. Done! :D

  22. I snaffled the enlargement to update my own post. Oh. My. He is one fine-lookin’ specimen.

  23. Oh yeah! and spread it around. :D

  24. fyi: servetus now has a translation of the Accion piece on her blog. See the link in my piece or go directly to her site. :D

  25. That’s a shot that will make PEOPLE notice!!
    And yep I’m referring to the mag too :)
    Sexiest Man 2013 .. anyone?

  26. I think you’re right but 2013 is probably too early. From all that I’ve read about the process, someone has to be on the radar for at least a couple of years.

  27. Something about that picture just hits you in the gut. Words just fail you (me). I can only make incoherent noises.

  28. I just love this picture. I really like him in a white t-shirt.

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